Hi, first of all, welcome to Hej Nerissa!

My name is Nerissa and I'm a medical student from Indonesia. I love frozen yoghurt, reading and obviously, traveling! It's all started back in 2008 when I went to California for a homestay programme and I instantly fell in love with the beautiful world of coming into a new place I've never been before. I was only 13 that time (and now I'm 22 already -WHAT), time flies and I had the chance to move and lived in London for a few months back in 2012.
They said I was that lucky girl to be able to live in such a great city in the world and I think they're right, and I was only 17 back then.

My life in London is still the best moment of my life and I don't think it will ever change since I always want to go back and yes, I can say that the travel bug is always around with me!
It's both a blessing and also a torture all at the same time!

I haven't explored every country in the world yet nor I have moved to London for good as I've been always dreaming about it. This girl, unfortunately, is still living and struggling as a medical student in Indonesia - but HOPEFULLY, as soon as I graduate as a doctor (in 3 years, AMEN to that) I will be back in the UK for good!

Hej Nerissa is, afterall, an online sharing platform that I finally created to express my passion towards writing, traveling and photography. 

PS: I will be exploring Europe this May! (The main reason why I started this blog, yes!)

Mail to: nerissa.rahadianthi@yahoo.com

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