21 Things from 2017

  1. People can't solve your problems.
  2. It's okay to stay away fro any form of toxic situation, even it means you have to lose something you thought was important.
  3. Parents are also only ordinary humans. They make mistake too.
  4.  Stay humble, really. Always stay humble and grounded. All the things that are given to you aren't actually yours anyway, what to brag?
  5. This is freaking clichè, but do appreciate yourself. Self-love is very important. How people could love you if you don't even love yourself?
  6. Save your money. What you save will save you in the future.
  7. Everyone has their own story. Don't ever think you know someone so well.
  8. Be private. Nobody needs to know what you did yesterday, or last saturday, or that night at the restaurant.
  9. Fear makes people do bad and pathetic things.
  10. Know your value, then you know which things are worthy to give a fuck about.
  11. Pain makes you stronger. 
  12. Never expect anything.
  13. You know that a few things are not good for you, you know that they aren't nice things to do - but you still do it?
  14. Always be kind and thoughtful of others, but don't expect anything in return.
  15. Everyone nowadays can use social media, but not everyone is smart in using them. 
  16. What you have right now is enough. But, it's kind of normal as a human being to always crave things. At least, always be grateful first for what you already have in hand.
  17. I listen to Taylor Swift or BTS, then why? Why do people keep judging others music's preferences?
  18. You will suffer. It's inevitable. There will be dark days, but it depends on how you react to those. You can only grow after defeating your own battles.
  19. Allah is the only and truly The Only One you come back to and you are alive right now is to serve and please Him.
  20. It's a scary and crazy world right now, remain in faith. 
  21. This universe is big, but He is much much much much much more bigger. You are just a tiny speck of dust who knows a little more than nothing, don't be stupid to think that you know it all.

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