London, August 7th

I've been feeling so miserable these days. I miss London, I always missed London. And then I decided to read my journal and flipped through the page of last summer entry.
I read it.
I regretted it.
My heart.

"So many things happened after I arrived in London two days ago. 
I arrived at King's Cross at around 8 PM and walked to the bus stop directly outside the station. It felt so weird to be in London when it's not cold, when everyone is actually wearing short dresses, short pants, sandals and t-shirts. It's so weird, haha!

I waited for the bus which will go directly to my first Airbnb apartment in Elephant & Castle, probably because it was Saturday, there were many bus diversions (just like the old time) and I had to wait a bit longer which made me arrive at the apartment around 9:30 PM.

But the really good thing was, I got to see the whole London skyline in sunset when my bus was strolling across Waterloo Bridge.
I still remember how it felt. The feeling was magical I almost cried.
The view I've always been dreaming for the last 18 months was finally in front of my eyes again? You must be joking.

Arriving at the apartment, my host Kimmy and Charles instantly made me feel so welcomed. The house and the room were so cute and comfortable. I felt a bit sad though that I would only be staying for two nights. They got a very adorable kids, Sophie who played around with me at the last day at their warm home.

The first night I went to sleep directly, because I was just so tired, and the next day, I woke up, showered, and left the house at around 10 AM. I took a bus without any specific plan going somewhere, so I got off at Blackfrair's Bridge and just walked along Thames. I didn't know why they closed the road, but then I found out later that night was the RIO 2016 opening celebration!

I walked to Charing Cross Road, then Leceister Square, then to Oxford Street until I finally reached Hyde Park. I walked and looked around. It was such a beautiful day. Everyone was enjoying the sun, talking, laughing, playing frisbee, eating with their loved ones. Most of them are with somebody's else and I was alone.
I was alone, but I've never felt more content than I've ever had in my entire life. 
I was so happy, so, so happy like it was like the happiness itself could be seen from my entire presence.
I was so happy I felt I could produce the greatest Patronus.

I took a spot under the tree, I sat by myself and took out my phone and just breathed.
My heart was just so content, it almost bursted out of joy.
Then I called my mum. because I just wanted to talk with her. We talked about a lot of things and there was nothing I pray more than taking her to London in my next visit.

After an hour, I said to her that I had to go to meet my friends who were also currently in London.
I walked back to the nearest tube station and met the girls in Embankment, which I obviously was the one who suggested it, because it was my favorite part in the entire city.

You know, the Jubilee Footbridge across the Thames? That is forever my favorite bridge.

Today, when I saw Bigben again, I felt nothing but... again, content."

Journal Entry
London, 7/8/2016


  1. I love reading back on old entries and transporting myself back to where I was. Nostalgia leaves a warm feeling in my heart, maybe because it's comforting to be reminded of my happy self :) I've just left London myself, but I had only been there for a few days. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Yes though sometimes it can get super emotional, but I do love reading old entries too! I hope that you had great times in London, Audrey x

  2. How lovely you documented your thoughts in a journal, it really is special to read back on :) I always enjoy blogging and filming my travels, as it's takes you right back! I'm so happy you love London, I really should explore more living here.

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    1. Yes though sometimes it can get super emotional! You're so lucky that you're living there, Hanh! One of my biggest goal is to graduate and pursue my master there and find a job as a doctor or something in health-related sector there :")

  3. That sounds like such a blissful day. I hope that you get to return to London soon, because your love for the place is very strong and admirable xx

    1. Yes Anna, thank you so much! x

  4. I swear I can relate 100% to you right now!!! :'(((
    It's only a week and I miss London already!

    Crying oh-so-hard,

    1. Haha you have no idea how I've been living like this for so long! Always dreading to come back to London haha

  5. I love looking back at old travel photos and relive them.

    1. yes such a blissful feeling, isn't it?! x

  6. What a sweet post! It's amazing how a place and its vibe can affect us and inspire us and fill us up. I feel like this about certain places in the world--Milan, Los Angeles, places that I feel like I've worked to achieve and had amazing memories.

    Characters & Carry-ons

    1. yes, indeed Joyce! somehow it's a blessing, but also a torture!

  7. nerissa kaya adele ya. bikin baper over things i never experience huhu wishing you could go back to london again soon! <3