Journal: Keukenhof Flower Garden

I actually didn't plan to visit this garden at first. I know that Keukenhof happens only a month during Spring every year, so I'm this lucky to be able to come to Amsterdam during Spring time when the garden is open. But, I thought this would be too touristy and I only got three days in Amsterdam, why don't I use the last day properly to explore every bits and hidden gems in the city?
But like most of women, I do love flowers too. Especially when I can see they are spreading widely infront of my eyes.

"Why aren't you coming to see the tulips in Keukenhof?" asked a friend of mine, I called him during my lunch time in KFC.
"No, it's too touristy." 
"But, you love flowers."
"Yes, but no, still, it's too touristy. I'm not that touristy anyway."

Haha touristy my pants. 
On my final day, I decided to come with the girl I met in the hostel to Keukenhof. I can't stand it. I had to see the tulip fields.

You know, because I decided on the very day, I didn't get the time to look for information. I didn't know how to go there, I didn't how much is the entrance fee. So, off we went to the tourist information which located in front of Amsterdam Centraal.
It turned out it costed us 35 Euro for each of us, and the price included: the ticket to the garden, return ticket from Schipol Airport to Lisse (where the garden is located) and one-day travel ticket in Amsterdam.

This price, I think, is much more make sense than the price ticket I saw on the window shops in Amsterdam. They charge 55 Euro and I'm sure that doesn't include a one-day travel ticket. Though I still think it's still a bit pricey, but I risked for it. I don't know when will I be able to come to Europe during Spring time, so why don't I give it a go?

I was in my element there.
I was so, SO HAPPY.

Most of the tulips were already bloomed when we were there.
And the saddest part is,
there wasn't anymore the wide tulips fields that time.
I didn't know what happened, maybe we came too late, so we couldn't manage to see. Maybe it was already taken away a week before we came. I was so so so sad.

Pretending to read under the tree.
Look, that woman in white shirt couldn't help to laugh at me haha!

Here, here! Here was supposed to be the viewing point of the tulip fields. But, look. It was all green.


  1. I'm usually not one for touristy places, but sometimes you just gotta go! Sorry to hear there weren't as many tulips as you had hoped, but the flower garden still looks beautiful :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Agree! Yes, though I couldn't see the tulips field I was still so excited. Thank you Audrey x

  2. Argh, tulips! Aren't they beautiful? <3<3<3
    Seeing your pictures alone brings me smile, so I can imagine being in the real place. I could do Bollywood dance within the pretty flowers! ;_;
    Will love to see your upcoming journals! x


    1. yes indeed they are!!! I thought I couldn't help hiding my excitement too back then, it was such a pretty place.
      Thank you CN x

  3. This is seriously a dream of mine! Tulips are my favorite and seeing this would be amazing!

    1. Yes it was such a dreamy place! Hopefully you'll be able to visit soon! x