Letter to May

Dear May,

You've been wonderful.
You were a lot of stories, a lot of lessons and also a lot of memories - all worth of lifetime.

I've got a lot of things to tell and I really don't know where to start.
About the elder couple I met and talked to during my flight to Paris.
Those two funny French guys in my Airbnb flat.
Spending two days in Paris with a lovely Columbian girl I met from Couchsurfing.
My overnight bus to Rotterdam which took 11 hours journey.
Witnessing a chaos between Rotterdam's police and citizen because of football match.
Weed's smell in every corner of Amsterdam.
My gorgeous day filled with Tulips in Kekeunhof.

Another 11-hours long bus journey to Berlin.
My horrible experience with the gypsies in Berlin Holocaust Memorial (no stealing happened here thankfully!).
How I developed my interest in Holocaust History.
My first experience staying at a stranger's house from Couchsurfing and Nina, my Berliner host, turned out to be the sweetest girl I've met during my entire journey in Europe.
Being stared at all the time in Prague because I was the only one who wears hijab.
Meeting with a Czech girl who visited Indonesia two years ago in a coffee shop and talked a lot of things about Indonesia.
Spending the day in Prague with whom I thought I'd developed my affection but turned out I couldn't.
Climbed up to Prague's Clock tower and witnessed one of the most beautiful sunset from above.
Meeting Dilara in Vienna after almost five years.
Strolling around at Nachtmarkt and being called, "Hello, Malaysian?" from almost every shop keeper there.
Getting a question from a guy I barely know, "So you're still a virgin?!" and I wonder why I think I'm still better on my own haha.
Taking the train to Salzburg and Austrian's alps were really feasts to my eyes.
Spending the days with Mathilde, another sweetest girl who is also a med student, in the beautiful town Salzburg.
Discussed a lot of things about Indonesia, Europe, religion and some other stuffs over dinner with Mathilde and her boyfriend Nathan.

Stayed in a mixed dorm hostel for the first time ever in my life.
Getting the 'Annyonghaseyo' from a Korean girl in my hostel dorm where she thought I was a Korean when I took my hijab off.
Being at three different countries in one day; where I had my breakfast in Salzburg, lunch in Munich and dinner in Zurich.
Went out early morning to explore Zurich's old town and spent the good 30 minutes reading by the lake and played with the crystal clear water of the lake.
Met an American guy from the hostel where I stayed, we noticed each other after I dropped my coins and he took them and gave them back to me and it turned out that he took the same bus to me that night to Paris, where he sat behind me and AGAIN, where I dropped my portable charger and he gave it back and while we talked a bit and we bid our adieu and all I thought that okay, this is it. We wont see each other again. But then it turned out we took the same metro train where he stood at another door and we were like, "Oh LOL, you again!?" and then we really didn't see each other anymore.
Another experience staying at Couchsurfing house where the host, Sabrina, is a muslim and we started our Ramadan together.
And a lot of other things...

It was a lot of fun and loneliness. It was full of dragging my cabin luggage from this hostel to that hostel, from this airbnb to that airbnb and also from this bus to that bus.

And now, I'm home.
I'm finally home after a month away at another side of the world.
I'm home and it does feel so, so good to be home.

To be in my own bedroom, on my own bed.
I know a month isn't actually too long, there are so many other people who travel in longer period, but I think I just had enough. At least for now.

Dearest May,
thank you.
I've put a high expectation on you and left with my heart scattered in pieces, but now, I feel like I even can change the world.

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