I'm 22 & Still Learning

1. Everyone has their own way on expressing their affection toward the people they love. Yes, you can straightforwardly say you love them and hug them every single minute to show how much you love them. But, it doesn't mean they are capable to do that too. Their silence could be the way telling you they like/love you.

2. Parents are not selfish. Children are selfish. But, parents can be selfish too.

3. Don't be obsessed with something too much. Stop wanting something too much.

4. People can't mind-read. Especially boys. I should've known that. Better tell them right on their face about what's bothering you rather than waiting for decades for them to notice.

5. No one knows you better than yourself and God. People could say, "You better do this. You better be that." NO. You know yourself better. You know what you want. You know who you want to be.

6. Always trust your instinct.

7. Be present. Always be present. You have no idea how much you've missed when you're focussed regretting your past and too much planning out your future.

8. Don't splurge. When you know you have a bit more money, save some just in case.

9. Never trust anything without double-check, or even triple, on the media.

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