Paris Bucket List

I've heard once about one saying that if you haven't been to Paris yet, though you have been to Amsterdam or Berlin or any other city - that means you have never been to Europe at all. Quite funny, but I think it's true somewhat. Well, afterall, this is the city of light. I'm an Angliophile and I've been to England for three times (considering the fact that I live in South East Asia and the ticket always costs a fortune), but I can say that strolling through Seine river is far more giving you that feels compared to strolling through the Thames river. But, Paris is not only about Seine, obviously. Or Eiffel Tower. In fact, it's waaay more than that.

1. Well, to start it: Check out the cliche, obviously. Name it Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame or Arc du Triomphe.
Oh come on, because you can't not.

2. When the weather is warm, have an authentic Parisian's picnic along The Seine.
Grab the baguette, cheese, strawberries, cookies and a few bottles of juice from the grocery and enjoy the evening overlooking the gorgeous sunset view of Notre-Dame. Yes please.

3. Make a visit to Musée D'orsay.
Arrive early and start backwards to see the gigantic clock you always see on Instagram. The clock is near the gift shop at the 5th floor.

4. Stroll around Le Marais and Latin Quarter.
Two of the most classy and beautiful areas in Paris that is always giving you that Parisian feels.

5. Take a walk along The Seine.

And pretend that you're in Adele's Someone Like You music video. Okay, let's be honest here, Seine is way more beautiful than Thames.

6. Book that room with a view via Airbnb.

You don't have to spend a fortune to live like a local in Paris. Want a room with a balcony overlooking the typical Haussmanian buildings? Airbnb, that is.

7. Visit Palace Garnier and be amazed with its ceiling detail.
You. Have. To. The Opera ceiling is so beautiful I can't.

8. Eat macaroon from Laduree (duh) and Pierre-Herme.

And don't forget to snap a picture of them with a Parisian's background and post it on Instagram.

9. View Parisian's skyline from atop of Notre Dame and/or Montparnasse Tower.

Last time I went there, I climbed to the top of Eiffel Tower and was totally amazed by the gorgeous view of the city. But there was one thing missing, which was the Tower itself. So, lesson learned, if you want to see Eiffel Tower included into your landscape photo taken, you don't go up to the top of Eiffel Tower.

10. Or, you can also head over to Galleries Lafayette.
Go straight to the 7th floor rooftop garden and enjoy one of the most gorgeous view of the city of light.

11. Take a photo of Paris bouquinistes. 
They're only in Paris anyway. And for bookworms like me, they look so beautiful.

12. Lounging at Palais-Royal.
I still remember how beautiful it is even when it was winter. I sat by the bench near the fountain, but could only stay for 20 minutes since it was freezing. Also, don't forget to grab a cup of coffee from Cafe Kitsune nearby.

13. Climb the stairs of Sacre-Ceour.
My most favorite part of Paris. The view from the top of Montmartre is so beautiful I just can't. When the weather is warm, have a picnic lunch and do people watching. 

14. Stroll around the streets of Montmarte.
There are a lot of gems hidden in between those touristy trinket shops, keep your map inside your pocket and all you need to do is to look around. Beautiful row of houses, adorable store fronts, and also, you can check out the Square of Artists; where you can have your painting done by the local artist.

15. Walk through the Champs-Elysees.
No particular reason, just because you have to. 

16. Make a visit to Notre-Dame.
Get inside and be mesmerized by the beautiful detail of its ceiling.

17. Visit Le Bon Marche.
The oldest shopping mall in the world and don't forget to take a picture of the symmetric elevator. Do it for the gram. Yeah.

18. Especially for the bibliophiles, spare an hour (or four) to travel in time at Shakespeare and Company Bookstore.
And pretend that you're now living at the era where Ernest Hemingway is still alive. Also, don't forget to buy a book (or four) from them and get your book(s) stamped by the authentic Shakespeare & Co's stamp.

19. Have a sip of hot chocolate from Angelina.
Of course.

20. Have a croissant for breakfast.

21. Attach a padlock to Pont des Arts.
Because, what's the point of life without being a little bit cliché and cheesy?

22. Ride a carousel.
You know, that famous one between Trocadero and Eiffel Tower? That is.

24. Go to Paris' flea markets.
They literally have a lot of them. Check out here.

25. Day trip to Versailles Palace.
I didn't manage to visit last time because I read it somewhere that the best time to visit Versailles is during warmer temperature. 

26. Wander through Parisian beautiful shopping passages.
Such as Galleries Vivienne, Passage of Panorama, or you can check it out here. Such a gem. 

27. People-watch from any typical Parisian's cafe.
Take that chair at the outside of the cafe and watch the world pass.

28. There are many museums beside Louvre, make a visit to any of them.
Well, you can visit Louvre too. Time to witness how small is it the Monalisa painting. But, to name a few, there are Centre Pompidou, Palais du Tokyo, National Museum of Natural History, or Musée de la vie Romantique.

29. Bike along the Seine.
I always want to try that out.

30. Stroll around Pére Lachaise Cemetery or Montmartre Cemetery.
I've never thought that I would enjoy walking through a cemetery, but one thing I learned that the cemetery in other countries aren't as scary as in my own country. Instead, they look, mystically, cool.

31. Make a visit to Merci.
One of my favorite concept store in the world after Å-Land. My happy place. Probably will be yours too.

32. Take a picture of yourself inside a retro photobox inside Palais du Tokyo.
For your travel keepsakes?

33. Picnic under Eiffel Tower.
I haven't got to do this since it was freezing last time. I always want to do this too. 

34. Day trip to Paris Disneyland.
Well, I have one goal in life that I must visit all of Disneyland branches all over the world. I know it's kinda weird, but isn't Disneyland is (one of) the happiest place on earth? FYI, Disneyland Paris is stated to have the cheapest entrance fee between the rest of the franchises.

35. See Eiffel Tower from Trocadero at sunrise.
Thank me later. It will be worth it.

36. Buy a crepe from the street vendor.
And walk along the Seine.

37. Make a visit to Parisian's public park or jardin.
Jardin du Tuilleries, Jardin du Luxemburg, Jardin du Palais Royal, Jardin des Plantes... My personal favorite is actually Jardin du Palais.

38. Stroll around Canal St. Martin.
It's 4km long and it somehow reminds me a lot of Little Venice in London!

39. Visit Rue Cremieux.
The Instagram Favorite. And this one reminds me a lot of Notting Hill. The houses are so adorable though! 

40. Put away your phone and live the moment as you watch the world pass while picnic-ing at The Seine.
Yes, you're at the most beautiful city in the world. Yes, you want to show it off to your friends back home that you're finally made it. But, you can do it later when you're back at the hotel/apartment. For godsake, it's such a gorgeous view right infront of eyes. 

Yes, you can pin it on Pinterest!

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