Guide to Instagram Famous London's Secret Mews

It's no secret that London has endless thing to offer. There are always some new things to do and it will never stop. I've spent almost half of the 2012 in the city, but still I didn't manage to conquer every single thing! It happened as well to Mary, my Airbnb host last summer said that even she's been living in the Big Smoke for 15 years, she said "There is always something new to do!"

Back in 2012 when I was still studying in London, Instagram wasn't as popular as now and I still had no idea what does Mews really mean. Even photographing London's beautiful doors wasn't really a thing back then. Thanks for Instagram and its incredible community, that phone app has been always inspired me to not be lazy and push the creativity out of brain. 

And also thanks to the beautiful accounts on Instagram such as @prettycitylondon and @prettylittlelondon who curated a lot of beautiful hidden and secret places of London from the city's talented photographers and instagrammers, so then when I got to be back again in the city, I knew where to go!

Here's a few beautiful and not-so-secret mews I managed to visit. I wish I can discover more!

1. St. Luke's Mews
This is one of the most famous among Instagrammers. Located in the area of Notting Hill, this pretty mews isn't difficult to be found since you can make a visit here after strolling around Portobello Market.

I was so excited when I finally found this pretty little gems, I jumped here and there because those houses are just SO pretty. I was glad I came with my best friend that he perfectly understand my weakness on anything pink, cute and adorable. He even waited for me taking of endless pictures of the houses. 

My favorite! Oh my God look at that adorable bike.

Every door, house and its bike are so instagrammable I just can't. No wonder this became a thing. If I live in London, I will make sure to walk past these houses every single time I leave the house.

St Lukes Mews, London W11 1DF
Nearest tube: Notting Hill / Westbourne Park / Ladbrooke Groove

2. Holland Park Mews
I loved this row of houses a lot eventhough it's a bit difficult to reach this hidden mews. I got off at the wrong bus stop which made me walk two more miles alone, but when I finally reached this place, I was so surprised that all the houses look the same!

All the houses look like this! (with a lot of variety of flowers on the stairs)

Kensington, London W11 3SU
Nearest tube: Holland Park
3. Blenheim Crescent

We accidentally ran to this beautiful facade after walking around Portobello Market and my curiosity couldn't help it not to look around! I'm glad I decided to turn there that I discovered this artsy wall!

Nearest tube: Ladbrooke Groove

4. Hyde Park Garden Mews
I went alone here at my last full day in London just before I met my friend at Harrods in the afternoon. Silly me, because I thought it would be close from Oxford Street (I forgot how MASSIVE Hyde Park is!) so I just walked and walked and walked and when I opened my GPS to check out if I'm close enough, I realized I had to take a bus.

It was empty when I walked trough this gate and I thought I was lucky so then I could photograph the houses with its beautiful door without being afraid of called creepy, but then I took photos of this majestic house with also its majestic door...

Someone walked behind me and said, "Is that for Instagram, yeah?" and when I turned around, he was all smiling and I couldn't do anything beside let out an awkward laugh. 

Nearest tube: Marble Arch

5. Warren Mews

Oh! This is also one of the most Instagram-worthy facade! I've seen it being posted all over London accounts and all I thought that I Had. To. Find. This. Mews.
Like, gosh, look at those two cute bikes being parked there. #InstagramGoals

Fritzovia, London
Nearest tube: Warren Street

There are actually a lot of other adorable mews in the city, such as Queens Gate Mews, Stanhope Mews, Kynance Mews or Colville Mews. I regretted it a lot that I couldn't make it to visit all of them, so I have to make sure when I go back to London, I have to see the rest. Or, when I finally move to London for good (amen to that, please) I'll earn a fortune so that I'll be able to buy one of those pretty houses. Yeah I know, a big dream is still better than no dream, right? ;)

11 days in London, while most of people from my country would prefer to also visit other cities like Liverpool or Manchester, I spent the whole 11 days in the city (well, one full day in Harry Potter studio actually!). I spent most of the times taking pictures of pretty things because in London, every turn you make, it's like begging you to be photographed! Especially in Notting Hill. 

Yes, you can pin it for later!

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