Afternoon tea in sketch London

I forgot when and where did I find this gem, was it on Instagram or was it on Tumblr or when I was blogwalking from here to there; I just fell in love instantly.
Like!!! Oh my God. If you don't think that Sketch is not the prettiest, cutest and quirkiest tea room in the world, you're mental. Really. (FYI, this was actually my first time trying authentic afternoon tea, sooo...)

So, when I had the chance to go back to London again last summer, I didn't think twice, "I really had to go this time."
BUT, the problem was, because I thought that I would be going with my guy friend, I was 100% sure that he would strongly reject to come with me. Why? Well, so many reasons. First, because it's literally all pink. Second, everything is too cute. Even all the utensils are SO cute. And I don't think he would like it. Third, it's all pink, again. Fourth, it's all pink.
So at the first time, I was a little bit scared to ask him, because I hate being rejected. 
Aaand I tried to look for another tea rooms in London, which I thought would be more 'okay' for my friend, but I totally failed choosing one. Because, duh, how can I choose?!?!?! There are so many beautiful tea rooms!!!! Fortnum and Mason, BBB Bakery, The Ritz, and oh SO many! Also, my heart was all taken already by Sketch.

But, it was like magic.
One evening, about two weeks before my departure, I sent him a picture of sketch and told him that IT'S THE CUTEST TEA ROOM IN LONDON LETS GO THERE, and guess what he easily said yes. Well, he laughed at it first, but he literally, easily, said yes. I was beyond surprised THANK YOU. Sometimes I wake up at night and just get into a very deep thought in all of sudden, thinking what did I do in my previous life so then right now everyone in my life always said yes to whatever I ask. My parents, my best friends. I'm both lucky and blessed, I think.

SOOOO, we really went there!!!! We booked our slot at 12:30 on Friday, we even arrived early and had to spend another 30 minutes walking around Soho to kill time, but it was one of the happiest day in my life.
I'm pretty sure it was all because I was inside the prettiest tea room I've been dreaming about for like a year and I was finally there, and the sandwiches were great, the desert was delicious, everything were just perfect and oh my God the tea was super great too I LOVED IT. I loved everything.
So, yeah, I was so happy. One of my happiest day. It was like being in Disneyland for a whole day. Yes, I was as happy as that. You could ask my friend honestly, I kept telling him that nobody could make me angry that day because I was just too happy.

a very happy me

But really, if you're in London and have a lot of time exploring the city, please try to experience a very authentic British afternoon tea there. Well, I think the most authentic one is the one in The Ritz actually, but well why not go for the quirkiest one for the start?!?! 
Eventhough there was one or two articles I've read from the internet, saying that sketch had a very bad service, because they're super slow while serving the food and the tea, I strongly disagree because I had only have to wait for like five minutes after ordering our tea and all the food came five more minutes afterwards.

sketch (
9 Conduit St, London W1S 2XG

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