2017 Euro Trip Bucketlist

In May this year, Insha Allah, I'll be flying out again for a whole month to Europe. 
I scored a very affordable return ticket to Paris and from Paris earlier this year and the more I starred at my laptop screen back then and thought, "Life is nothing but endless of choices and opportunities." and without further hesitation, voila, the ticket was confirmed and sent into my mail inbox.
I have to admit though, I had that kind of fear and insecurities flooding all over me for a few days - I was scared that I might made a stupid decision about going to Europe for a whole month when I actually will have to go for my 18-months clinical rotation this year.

But, what can I do? I'm breathing the unfamiliarity of places.

From the beginning of 2017, right after I bought the ticket, I've been super overwhelmed about choosing the right destinations for my first Eurotrip. Well, this is not actually my first ever euro trip, since I went to Paris two years ago - but I technically lived in Paris back then, for two weeks. I didn't go anywhere else and now I have to make another though decision about where should I visit.

I know that one month isn't much of time and I really dislike playing tourist hahah. I feel like I need to stay in one city at very least for three days to get to really know about that city, the people, the culture - something like that. But, this time, I feel like I want to get as many as I could! 
But, also at the same time, I don't want to rush anything. I'm a big fan of slow travel. Like, well, I spent 11 days full in London even in my third time. I could fly out to Manchester or Liverpool, but I didn't. 

There are a few friends of mine that I will visit there. Yvette and Kim in Stockholm, Mariana in Paris and Dilara in Vienna. I'm actually still not sure if I will really go to Stockholm because the ticket is kinda pricey. But, it's torturing me how much I want to see Superkilen in Copenhagen; the subway art in Stockholm, Belle's village in Colmar (Eguishem), Lego houses in Bruges, Fairy tales vibe in Cesky Krumlov and Hallstatt; the most colorful island in the world that is located in Burano, Venice; and for Zurich... I feel like I only want to go there because I can brag about 'I've been to Swiss yeah everything is expensive' haha.

1. Paris, France
Of course I have to go here again since it will be my base. But, I don't mind anyway. I've been missing the city far too long and I can't wait to wander around Montmartre, Latin Quarter and Marais with Mariana!

2. Colmar & Eguishem, France
I forget where I read the article saying that Belle's village in Beauty & the Beast was inspired by this beautiful little village in South-east France - but last friday when I watched Belle, I became 99% sure that the timbered house in the middle of the street above - is actually Belle's house!

3. Bruges, Belgium
I heard a lot of great things about ditching the capital of Belgium and just go straight to Bruges, one of the most charming fairytale town in Europe. Because I'm that girl who always love taking the life off-beaten path, I most probably will go straight here instead of Brussels. Like, really, look at those adorable lego houses.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Because I want to eat frites. And wander around the Bloemenmarkt.

5. Giethoorn, Netherlands
There is no street in this little town. So, everyone will go everywhere by boat along the canal.

6. Copenhagen
I'm that weird girl who wants to go to Copenhagen just to see Superkilen, a very eccentric public park located a bit far away from the city centre. Well, I want to take a photograph of Nhyvan too. And pretending to be Effie in Copenhagen movie and wishing William will be out of nowhere to cycle around the city with me.

7. Stockholm, Sweden
No more reason to visit Stockholm beside 1) I want to meet Yvette & Kim, my two long-lost sisters when I spent my youth in England, 2) I want to explore Stockholm's subway art.

8. Bremen, Germany
Berlin isn't really on my top list, instead this city just stole my heart.

9. Munich, Germany
Also this city. I saw a lot of grand detail in Munich's legendary castles on Pinterest and I really want to see them in real life. I also want to explore Munich's subway art.

10. Prague, Czech Republic
Described as the most beautiful and charming town in Central Europe, I decided to stay in the city for five days. I've been really curious what's in the city since everytime I blogwalked, there are only great things I read about this city.
Ultimate bucket list: climb to the top of the highest building so that I can witness the whole city's charm.

11. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
I love anything adorable and fairytale-like vibe. Isn't that enough to explain?

12. Vienna, Austria
I love classical music ever since I was only 12. Living in Vienna and watching orchestra every once in few months have been a dream of mine for so long.

13. Salzburg & Halsstatt, Austria
Well, of course this one too.

14. Innsbruck, Austria
I once saw this picture on Tumblr and fell in love instantly ever since. I'm not sure I can make it on this trip, but look at those colorful buildings with Austrian alps as the background?

15. Venice, Italy
Oh, this one as well. I'm still 100% unsure if I have to go here, but every other blog I stumbled into, when they talked about Venice, they described how magical the city was. Though its over-touristy, there are always things surprising and hidden at every corner in the island. I'm sure wandering the hidden streets of Venice, finding gems, will be one of the highlight of this trip.

16. Zurich, Switzerland
So that I can brag to people, "sure, I've been to Swiss."

(PS: all the pictures are credited to Pinterest.)

Now I have to think hard about which places I should really visit. I'm planning about visiting only 6--7 countries, so then I'll be able to stay at each places for 4-5 days. Ugh, I don't want to rush but I also don't want to miss out anything!!!!

Can anyone help me, please? Should I give up Scandinavian and just focus on the essential ones as the first timer?

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