13 Things I Learned about Seoul

Seoul is completely beyond my expectation. In so many aspects. I had the chance to visit the land of Ginseng last year and here's a few things about the city I've stayed for a week which I tried to learn, through my own eyes. I know you couldn't learn a lot about a total strange land in a week, but well, since I love telling stories about everything.... so why not.

1. This is the first thing I noticed and remembered the most since I really love seeing people on the subway reading books. But everyone there, like literally everyone, can't live without their smartphones.
While in Europe almost everyone I met on subway/metro/tube reading books or kindle, but in Seoul, I only caught two people reading in Seoul Metro. I don't know wether its the internet connection in South Korea is the fastest one in the entire world, but everyone are always busy staring at their phones. Streaming youtube, watching movies, playing games, texting, or whatever.

2. Korean public transportation and subway stations are probably the safest in the world.
Cheers for the double door which is double safety between the platform and the train, and also for the most comfortable and cleanest and not-intimidating subway station. Like for real, where in the world you can find skincare stores, mini-market, bakery or whatever deep deep down under the ground? 

3. Public toilets are free. And super clean. This is so important.

4. But, I think that the subway route for Seoul Metro is too intimidating and a bit too complicated. (like, you can compare to London Tube or Paris Metro.)

5. Everyone dresses so well.
And their no-makeup make up are so natural and pretty.
And the girls' straight eyebrows are so gorgeous and their hair also so pretty. Ugh I love K-Style so much they're so cute though their style are all the same but still they are so cool.

6. Skincare stores are literally everywhere. Next to your apartment door, deep under the ground, at the corner of the street, behind the bakery store. Just everywhere. 
Nature Republic, Missha, Innisfree and Tony Moly are the ones I found the most.

7. Korean foods are made from heaven. Tteokbokki, Korean pancakes, odeng, kkimbab, whatever you name it. Heaven.

8. Shop clothes in Ewha Shopping Street. Where in the world you can find cool, hipster, adorable tops, dresses, pants, jumpsuits, skirts, jeans and whatever for under W20.000 ($20ish)???

Me, presenting the love of my life to the world. Shit I hate myself.

9. Also, please spare more time to wander around Hongdae, Ewha and Garosugil since they got so many hidden treasures and gems. Also, don't ever forget Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Obviously. 

10. Seoul is not only about K-Pop or K-Drama. I always thought before that if I am not a fan of EXO, most probably I wont ever be going to Seoul. But, the fact is, Seoul is nice. Seoul is pretty. I'm not sure if its because I went there when flowers blooms everywhere or because the city is already pretty itself, well, but yeah, I loved it there. 

11. Wandering alone with hijab sometimes attract a bit more attention there, unlike back in London when I've never felt like I stole something, but there in Seoul the ahjummas often looked at me like I came from another star (no pun intended lol).

12. I love it that eventho Seoul is a such a modern city, they are still have parks where everyone can breath from the hustling-bustling of the capital city. I love it that we can see a mountain from Insadong. I love it that everyone can rest their mind on a picnic in Han River. I love it when it feels like so so far away from the capital when I was in Namsan. 

13. The last one? Well, I love it that in all of sudden I can see oppa's faces everywhere.

OKAY. End of my rambling.

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