10 Alternative Things To Do in London

You're in London, but done Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street and Portobello Market but still want some more?

Here's a few more ideas of Alternative Things To Do in London as I actually made this bucket list for myself.
You're welcome.

1. The Shard
Should I try The Shard? Will it be worth it?
Well, that was actually the question I've been asking myself before I finally decided to give it a go. 
There were a few reasons why we were feeling a bit skeptical, one of them is because obviously the price is a bit pricey. But, one thing you have to remember if you're a student visiting England (or EU): use your privilege as a student. 
Finally we decided to pick our schedule on our last day at 10 AM (which actually a wrong choice because all of our pictures turned out over-exposured). But, well, we paid with 5GBP off with our ISIC which was actually a good thing.

I strongly recommend anyone who wants to visit, pick time wisely. Better if you can enter during golden hour while you can enjoy the view of the city both when its still bright and also with that gorgeous night view.

And if you feel like to splurge...

Try out Authentic British fine dining at Aqua Shard 

Oh hi, Tower Bridge. 

2. Afternoon Tea at The Sketch
We all know that British is all about tea, tea and tea. There are a lot of fancy places, like The Ritz, Shangri La and more where you can unleash your inner British (again), but I personally like The Sketch in Conduit Street, Soho. 

During my last visit to London, I lived up my long-time fantasy about having an authentic aftertoon tea experience in this eccentric tea room. I was too excited that we arrived there 30 minutes earlier. We decided to stroll around Soho first, but the sun was shining too bright that day and we ended up waiting under the roof next to sketch.

I wrote a review about my experience in sketch, but if I can summarise in a sentence: if you fancy anything pink, cute and eccentric - a visit to London wouldn't complete if you don't visit sketch and sip a cup of earl jasmine tea. And, oh, don't forget about the bathroom. 
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3. Primrose Hill
London has various range of public parks you can choose to spend your slow days in the city. While it's no a secret that every British loves sunshine, if you're actually not a British yet you are an angliophile and you're that life of "I'm a traveler, not a tourist - so I wouldn't mind soaking into the warm sunshine eventhough I'm allergic to sunshine in my homecountry because this is how the Brits do" so you have to make your way to Primrose Hill.

Located close to the infamous Camden Market, this park is probably still the best park out of all. Because, it's still less tourist, if you ask me. Like, have you seen Hyde Park and Green Park in summer? Gosh, they're packed.
And also, the London skyline view from here still lives up my expectation. 

4. Roam around Primrose Hill Houses
Tired of the tourists who keep blocking your way in Notting Hill? Well, there is Primrose Hill! 
I know we are all tourists here, but well!!! This is the alternative when you want to see and take pictures of pastel houses which are so picture-perfect.

4. Saatchi Gallery
There are wayyyyy too many museums you can find in London. Like, seriously. The museums are endless and even living there for 18 weeks doesn't mean that I have successfully visited every one of them. To name a few, my favorites are still Natural History Museum (because, duh!), Tate Modern (because The Thames view from the cafe upstairs) and British Museum (the friggin' interior!), but I do really think Saatchi Gallery will soon to be on my list.

Closest Tube Station: Sloane Square

5. London Rooftop Film Club
I've been seeing this everywhere!
Like, well, everyone watches movie, right? But not everyone watching movies at the rooftops, overlooking the beautiful view of London city skyscrappers while.... sitting on the beach chairs.... So hipster. They also have various amazing movies to choose.

Please note that this rooftop film club is only available during summer time (May to September).

6. Try Fun PhotoBooth in Urban Outfitters or Camden Locks
Alone, or with any companion, make sure to go to UO (in Oxford Street, Camden or Marylebone) and find the retro photo booth inside the stores and do a fun photo session there! 

7. Shoreditch
The hippest neighbourhood of London where you can find so many fun street arts and hipster cafes. Never been to Cereal Killer Cafe yet? Well, me too!
Actually, I've been there once and I admit that there are just TOO many things to see! Start your adventure to unleash your inner hipster soul from Bricklane and enjoy all the fun rural arts along the way. 
Don't forget to try Cereal Killer! (Said me, to myself.)
And also other fun cafes!

8. London Mews Hunting
Ever since I created @herwandertales and followed so many London Instagrammers, I noticed that photographing London houses is really a thing. Well, no wonder though when there are gorgeous pastel houses all around the city like in Notting Hill, Chelsea, Kensington, Primrose but what about London Mews?!?!?
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9. Bookstores Hopping
Like I once said before, almost everyone in London loves reading and you can always find people reading there. Inside the tube, at the parks, in the corner of a quiet coffee shop, everywhere. 

While in Seoul you absolutely can find any Korean Beauty Stores everywhere even in Metro Station deep under the ground; but here in London it's Bookstore! Well Waterstones and Foyles are everywhere, but if you're fancy of pretty bookstores, there are a lot independent bookstores all over the city!

My personal favorite is still Daunt Bookstore though.

10. ... More Big Ben
"I'm so sick of Big Ben," said no one ever (??????).

Here I'm 99,9% sure that London Instragammer can't help not to snap a picture if Big Ben is standing proud in front of their eyes.
That guy over there is so pretty just from any perspective.

Credit pictures: various sources.

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