Letter to March

Dear March,

You've been a lot of surprises. 

2017 Euro Trip Bucketlist

In May this year, Insha Allah, I'll be flying out again for a whole month to Europe. 
I scored a very affordable return ticket to Paris and from Paris earlier this year and the more I starred at my laptop screen back then and thought, "Life is nothing but endless of choices and opportunities." and without further hesitation, voila, the ticket was confirmed and sent into my mail inbox.
I have to admit though, I had that kind of fear and insecurities flooding all over me for a few days - I was scared that I might made a stupid decision about going to Europe for a whole month when I actually will have to go for my 18-months clinical rotation this year.

10 Alternative Things To Do in London

You're in London, but done Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street and Portobello Market but still want some more?

Here's a few more ideas of Alternative Things To Do in London as I actually made this bucket list for myself.
You're welcome.

Guide to Instagram Famous London's Secret Mews

It's no secret that London has endless thing to offer. There are always some new things to do and it will never stop. I've spent almost half of the 2012 in the city, but still I didn't manage to conquer every single thing! It happened as well to Mary, my Airbnb host last summer said that even she's been living in the Big Smoke for 15 years, she said "There is always something new to do!"

Afternoon tea in sketch London

I forgot when and where did I find this gem, was it on Instagram or was it on Tumblr or when I was blogwalking from here to there; I just fell in love instantly.

Paris Bucket List

I've heard once about one saying that if you haven't been to Paris yet, though you have been to Amsterdam or Berlin or any other city - that means you have never been to Europe at all. Quite funny, but I think it's true somewhat. Well, afterall, this is the city of light. I'm an Angliophile and I've been to England for three times (considering the fact that I live in South East Asia and the ticket always costs a fortune), but I can say that strolling through Seine river is far more giving you that feels compared to strolling through the Thames river. But, Paris is not only about Seine, obviously. Or Eiffel Tower. In fact, it's waaay more than that.