My Current Favorite Travel Instagrammers

Instagram by far, is the only social media I've been using for the longest time in regular basis. I still remembered I started to create my personal account before I flew for London in 2012 and I've never had stopped scrolling through it ever since, for real. That account is getting more addictive and addictive as years passed by, especially when I started creating my travel account last year (so, I will no longer getting comments on my personal account 'where are you AGAIN now?') and I saw people with amazing photography talent I keep wondering why people are so creative out there.

The good thing is, the travel photography community on Instagram motivates me a lot to learn more about photography and editing process. It's a really good thing.

I've been learning a lot about Photoshop (experimenting with curves, RAW pictures etc etc) and last night I decided to download Lightroom trial for a week (question, is it worth it to buy the Lightroom standalone? since it's pretty pricey for a broke student like me as I'll be traveling again in May *cries money*)
But, the downside is, the travel bug will never stop. I hate it so much I started screaming internally 'why are these people travel so much?!?!?' but really though, people might be dreaming of life with  big houses, expensive cars, stable monthly income, etc etc but why am I dreaming a life on the road?
I've been dreaming of living and moving from this country to that country every once in a while, taking photos of all the little things around me and meeting another creative souls along the journey.

Yeah, life is not a wish-granting factory and I can't always get what I want.
Also, I still have an upcoming 18-months-life without traveling ahead of me. Clinical life in the hospital, duh.

Anyway, here's my top 5 of my current favorite instagram account I've been loving (and stalking) a lot, because their pictures are just SO gorgeous. Be prepared for the travel bug, folks.

1. @theslowtraveler

I always love this soft, dreamy theme. I always think that by looking through pictures like these will give the warm feeling, even on your worst day at work. Her photos from South America are just so gorgeous (as well as the others) and I've been wondering when will I able to fly off to Mexico, Cuba or Peru???

2. @urbanpixxels

I actually just found her account last night and I'M OBSESSED. I spent an hour or so last night, literally scrolling through her photos in London, Amsterdam, New York, and yes, literally living my dream life of travel photographer through her gorgeous feed.

3. @haylsa

THIS. GIRL. Seriously.
She is gorgeous, her photography skill is ALWAYS on point, as well as her editing skill. I adore all of photos so much it hurts my heart physically. But on top of that... I adore her bravery, she decided to book a one-way ticket to Europe a year and a half ago (also with her boyfriend) and has not yet come back home ever since. #relationshipgoal
Some nights I can picture myself living a life out of a suitcase with my significant other and wouldn't it beautiful? Roadtripping on a campervan through Albania, Italian Alps and Croatia; stargazing in Icelandic magical sky; city-hopping through the land of Europe? Ugh.

PS: you can tell that she's the real inspiration why I'm drooling over Adobe Lightroom right now.

4. @snowflakesfairy

One of my ultimate favorite instagrammers! You can see that almost all of my London photos last summer were inspired by her gorgeous feed. She's living my dream life of setting down with her husband and raising her (very very) adorable daughter, Anabelle, in London and traveled around the UK and Europe on the weekends.
And the fact that she's actually an Indonesian (!!!) gave me so much confidence that if she could living her dream of settling down in Europe, why couldn't I??? (Ameeeen to that!)

5. @polkadotpassport

Last but surely not least, my all-time favorite travel blogger and photographer, Nicole. 
Every time I was asked who inspires me the most in this beautiful world of traveling, I always answer @polkadotpassport. And the fact that she's the same age as me is just both inspiring and hurting me that she has done so much on her own. She has traveled through Europe on her own after realizing that static life in Australia wasn't right for her inner adventurous soul and also, this is one thing I always want to do, traveling for other people. Travel to learn. She went to a mission trip to some countries like Vietnam and helped to build the community there. I don't know about you, but for me, traveling is not only about getting likes and followers on Instagram, but this one also. 
She has a beautiful soul, and also a literally a living magazine (like, just stalk all of her photos though). And her outfits are always on point.

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