Hong Kong Travel Diary

This trip to Hongkong was actually not an impulsive one. We've been planning it since forever - my friends and I - and finally we made it at the beginning of 2017. We scored a cheap ticket at the travel fair back in October which was a total deal and before that, we were actually confused which destination to visit since I've been to Hongkong once six years ago and I really wanted to go to Hokkaido to see the Ice Festival, but then after calculating the budget and stuff, we thought mmkay, Japan is totally a lot more expensive and we don't have that much money yet. So then, off we went to the Asia's World city on the Chinese New Year day.

Choi Hung Estate; one of my favorite parts in Kowloon

Since our flight was the midnite flight, we arrived so early in the morning. Hongkong looked like a ghost city, especially when it was a day after chinese new year celebration; we took the airport express and got off at Kowloon and knocked our guest house door to put our luggages. The boys were hungry even when we had our breakfast on the plane already - oh, my travel mates for this trip are two of my best friends. The first one is also the guy I went to London with and the other one is the one I went to Komodo Island with - so then we went to McDonald's because it's the only one which open 24/7 hahah.
After that we walked a lot along Nathan Road, but really Hongkong is a totally city filled with cramped buildings and neon lights. It's somehow annoying but it's actually the charm that is so attractive. We have planned that on our first day we would only explore Kowloon, but since everything was still closed with have nowhere to go, so we decided to make our visit to the colorful apartment housing in the eastern part of the island, Choi Hung Estate. That place was completely a heaven for tumblr aesthetic seeker! Hahaha. We even met two girls who dressed up like the girls I often found on Tumbr with choker, stripped/cropped tea, hi-waist jeans and white sneakers! They also had photo session that I believe they would upload on Tumblr.

Dim Sum Icon;  went here for the gram.

After spending an hour at the basketball courtyard, it was getting a bit hot so we had to take off our coat, we headed to Tsim Sha Tsui by bus. Our plan was to have our lunch at the cutest dimsum restaurant: Dim Sum Icon. The q was long, but we only had to wait for around five minutes. For the taste? Well, it was okay but not the best dim sum I've had. You know that we only went here for the gram right? LOL. After that we walked a lot around TST and at night we walked back to Ladies Market to see coats, trinkets and stuffs and finally tried the yummy curry fish ball and squid skewers at the food street stalls!!! It was SO good I'm even craving for that now.

Eggtart from Tai Cheong Bakery, HKD 9/piece but it was so good!
 Wonton Noodle & Beef Brisket at Mak's Noodle. Oh God it's so so so good too!

On the next day, we headed to Hongkong Island to explore Central, Soho and Causeway Bay. I didn't remember how Hongkong Island was like since the last time I went here was when I was only 15, but I realized that it's more dense than the buildings in Kowloon. It's like everytime you tilt your head all you see was buildings here and there. No wonder that Hongkong price housing is the most expensive one in the world.
So, once we arrived at Central, we headed to Mid-Level Escalator in Soho because we just wanted to know what it is actually and it turned out it's an almost 1 kilometer long escalator that felt like endless. We saw a lot of fancy cafes and restaurants along the escalator, and also a lot of foreigners (probably, expats???). I saw a big Mark and Spencer's Food as well and a little freaked out since I really missed their fresh-baked cookies. Escalator checked, then we went hunting for the infamous Instagram wall in Graham Street; took a lot of pictures and because it was lunch time, we were hungry.
Anyway, there are two places that is a must visit when you're in Soho/Central.
First one is Mak's Noodle in Soho that offers you a bowl of yummy wonton noodle. They are popular actually, and we were lucky we only had to wait for five minutes until they called our name because once we were eating our noodles, I saw a long q outside! The portion was small, it was just a small bowl, but I think it's okay for girls. But you can guess that it's not enough for the boys as they got hungry again at around 5 PM.
Second one is Tai Cheong Bakery that is specialized in Egg Tart. There are so many amazing egg tart in Hongkong I believe, but they said that this one is one of the best. This is also located in Central.

Hongkong's very own version of Times Square

After filling out our growling stomach, we took the MTR and headed to Causeway Bay. We wanted to see Times Square, since we can't see the real Times Square yet. And once we arrived, it started to rain and I looked around... well, not bad. Hahaha it was still cool though. I loved how the red taxi lined up infront of the crossing and so many people crossed the street that was reminded me a lot of Shibuya, in a smaller scale. 

To be continued!

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