London Travel Diary

London is my favorite city in this entire world. Well, it's a public secret. 
Other than my favorite city, London is also one of the city I've keep coming back to..... well, not that often like every other month, since the tickets are hella expensive, and actually last time my parents allowed me to go back was because I will most probably off for clinical years next year (fyi, I'm a medical student), so we all know that there won't be any time to play around during those hospital-based period since I also want to graduate as soon as possible.

So, back to topic again, we all know that London has so many things to offer. Like, literally, there are ALWAYS things happening. I don't think you will ever have enough time to explore London completely. Even my AirBnB host, Mary, who has been living in the city for 15 year and has done so many things, said that, "Things always surprise you when you're in London."
And yes, I agree with that in any aspect. From Southbank summer food trucks which I just discovered this summer to the ridiculously expensive price of a small apartment in Zone 3. Wow.

And this time, I want to tell you a bit a few thing I've done in the city last summer which has a big amount of difference since that was my first time visiting in summer. Noticed a lot of greenery...

I walked around London for adorable houses, mews and facades.

I went to Columbia Flowers Market on Sunday Morning. So happy.

I finally went up to Sky Garden. 
PS: Free admission!!!

My friend and I rented bikes.
We were cycling around for about five hours and it was one of my happiest moment of my life, like honestly.

I finally went to ride The Eye.

I visited Warner Bros Studio for the third time in my life.

I used to live in South East London four years ago, but have never visited Greenwich - and this time, I regret why didn't I go there during those time especially in autumn?
Greenwich is like an adorable countryside-looking neighbourhood which reminded me a lot like where my aunt living in Glouchestershire.

The Shard. We spent 20 GBP for this. I don't know if I should be happy or annoyed.

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