Cotton Candy Land, Pamukkale

Aaaand when I said ".. in a quick glance", I really meant it. 
Pamukkale is one of those places I've been dying to visit for a long time. I always dreamed about this cotton castle ever since I found one of the picture on Tumblr a few years ago and I was like, "What??? What is this??? Snow??? Not??? Why is there a pool there????" and honestly Pamukkale was the first thing I was hoping would be on the itinerary since I went there with a travel group and when knowing that we would be visiting it also, I was so so so excited!!!

Eventhough it was already dark when I was there, because of winter days *sigh* I still remember how excited I was when I finally saw this massive hot spring at the top of a hill which people called Travertine Terrace from my bus window.

"Muuuum, it's there! It's there!!!!" 

My mum looked at me like she was looking at me back in 2000 when I was 5 years old.

Then once I got off from the bus, I ran like there's no tomorrow. Because I just didn't want to miss any chance since it was already dark. You can see from the picture how grey it was and you could guess it that I worked hard enough to increase the exposure haha.

As everyone probably had known, this hot spring is getting more and more famous for the past years. I heard from my local guide told me that day, this massive pool often called as Cleopatra's Hot Spring nowadays because of the history.

And for everyone who is curious what is actually the white thing that covered the terrace; it's actually an incredible reaction between water, air, calcium carbonate and carbon dioxide. And voila! It happened to be a cotton-castle! Haha sorry I was so excited I didn't listen to the whole thing.

A major dream. 

Myself, in my own dream.


Nobody bathed when I was there. The water temperature was so warm, but I think it was because winter time and nobody wanted to wear a bikini in such a freezing temperature.

It's not life if we don't have things we regret not doing.
I was beyond thankful that I finally had the chance to visit and witness all of these beauty creation of God with my own eyes, but I still had this guilty feeling deep inside my heart: why didn't I walk down hill? Why was it so late when we arrived? I only had less than an hour when I was there and obviously I wanted to stay longer, but I just couldn't since the hotel we were gonna stay at was still 2-hours drive away. 

But then I think, it's okay! It's perfectly okay!
The thing is, I have the reason to come back soon. In spring, hopefully.
Pamukkale, Cappadocia again, and with the whole family.

After London, Turkey is probably the first place I really want everyone to know. This place is beyond everything you can imagine. I'm usually more a city wanderer, as I love hidden alleys, cobbled-stones streets, people-watching and city skyline. I'm almost never a nature wanderer. I think this is the reason why this place is so special to me as I witnessed such a weird and strange landscape like Cappadocia and Pamukkale for the first time (but really, both are strangely incredible).

And you can guess that Turkey has led me into a long-list of new places like New Zealand, Switzerland, Vietnam and the very close ones, Gili Trawangan and Pulau Komodo for the next destinations to feed my thirsty nature-soul! 

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