London Travel Diary

London is my favorite city in this entire world. Well, it's a public secret. 
Other than my favorite city, London is also one of the city I've keep coming back to..... well, not that often like every other month, since the tickets are hella expensive, and actually last time my parents allowed me to go back was because I will most probably off for clinical years next year (fyi, I'm a medical student), so we all know that there won't be any time to play around during those hospital-based period since I also want to graduate as soon as possible.

So, back to topic again, we all know that London has so many things to offer. Like, literally, there are ALWAYS things happening. I don't think you will ever have enough time to explore London completely. Even my AirBnB host, Mary, who has been living in the city for 15 year and has done so many things, said that, "Things always surprise you when you're in London."
And yes, I agree with that in any aspect. From Southbank summer food trucks which I just discovered this summer to the ridiculously expensive price of a small apartment in Zone 3. Wow.

And this time, I want to tell you a bit a few thing I've done in the city last summer which has a big amount of difference since that was my first time visiting in summer. Noticed a lot of greenery...

I walked around London for adorable houses, mews and facades.

I went to Columbia Flowers Market on Sunday Morning. So happy.

I finally went up to Sky Garden. 
PS: Free admission!!!

My friend and I rented bikes.
We were cycling around for about five hours and it was one of my happiest moment of my life, like honestly.

I finally went to ride The Eye.

I visited Warner Bros Studio for the third time in my life.

I used to live in South East London four years ago, but have never visited Greenwich - and this time, I regret why didn't I go there during those time especially in autumn?
Greenwich is like an adorable countryside-looking neighbourhood which reminded me a lot like where my aunt living in Glouchestershire.

The Shard. We spent 20 GBP for this. I don't know if I should be happy or annoyed.

How London Has Changed Me

I remember that time when I told one of my friend at class, that this summer I will be going back to England, she went all excited because she knew how much England meant to me, but then she asked again, "But, London again? Why?"
Confused, I asked back, "Why why?"
"No, I mean, this is going to be your third time, right? Like, instead of a place you've been before, why don't you pick a new one?"

Most of the times, I got quiet for a second after being asked with that kind of question. But then, all I can give for the answer is only, "I don't know, London feels like home. A home far away from home."

The more I think about it, the simpler it gets.
I don't know if you knew, four years ago when I was only 17, my parents impulsively sent me there for almost half a year. I had zero expectation. I even had no idea what London would look like beside Big Ben, Harry Potter and Royal Wedding. But I was extremely excited about it, two months of preparation felt like forever because I couldn't wait for all the adventure ahead of me. Was I scared, if you ask me? Not at all.
I was only excited. This is London, after all.

But because it happened after graduating high school, where I supposed to continue my education to university, so there were actually people who went, "Are you sure? You're going to waste your time." or like, "Is that necessary?" and honestly I got so annoyed that time. Will I waste my time? I'm still 17, it's a young age, and I finished one of my responsibilities which is finishing school. Does it mean if I'm taking a gap year I'm going to waste my time?
Then, one night I talked to Mum and there she said, "Do you know if the time wasted for new experiences and leaving your comfort zone is not wasting time?"
and that hit me hard enough until I can remember that I smiled so wide I almost exploded with excitement. My mum is right, completely right.
So, off I went to London. And the rest is history.

Well, not really.

The thing is, the reason why I'm so obsessed with London, not because any reason such as Union Jack flying high is cool and fancy, or any English football clubs, or The Beatles, or anything related to Double Decker, Red Phone Box etc are cool (though THEY ARE); but it's simply because I truly had the best time of my life there.
Out of expectation.
Beyond my imagination.
They just happened.

I met so many amazing people, that forever will be friends of life. I experienced things on my own, which I think I was young enough to live alone without my parents or any Indonesian relatives/friends. I witnessed differences, and I learned how beautiful differences are. And I couldn't thank my 17-years-old-self enough for making the right decision.

For the first two weeks at my new school, I completely felt out of box. It wasn't easy when those cool new friends won't be friend with you just because what you wear. Believe me when I say I felt so inferior, it was only two of thousand students who wear Hijab and one of them was me. But, then I moved to a new class and met Daniel my coolest teacher ever, Yusuke, Petra, Kim, Yvette, Angelica, Mari, Richard, Tiago and the list goes on and on who kept saying that I'm the cutest girl they've ever seen (yes, they really said that to everyone, even to my crush omg). 

Or that one night once I got off my train, I heard a woman screaming infront of me and later on I realized that there was a man, lying at the opposite, empty rail road, crying helplessly, then soon I realized that he was going to commit suicide. I stopped dead, completely shock. I heard another woman screamed, "Help him!" and there were a few men running and finally took him back to the platform. 
It wasn't a nice memory, I know, but when I called Mum and told her about it, she said, "It is one of the moment when you may reflect on what you have in your life, DekKamu bersyukur, kamu punya Tuhan, tempat untuk pulang dan bercerita. That He keeps you safe, stay in faith, everywhere."
I don't think I can ever forget that day, but I hope wherever you are, Mr. Man, you're living your life full of love and happiness right now.

Or, another one, when my aunt, Ellen, invited me to spend a weekend break at her house in British countryside, Bourton-on-the-Water and she and her family took me everywhere, like literally everywhere, from the cutest countrysides like Stratford-upon-Avon, Stow, to Bath until taking me to a birthday lunch of one of their friends. Yes, a real British family and the whole day I spent there was super fun and I didn't feel like I was a stranger they just met. It felt like they've known me well for a long time and it just made me feel so welcomed... and loved.

And finally, it's the little thing that makes everything so special. Getting on and off the buses or tube, grocery shopping at Tesco/Sainsburrys, walking around the park, cycling with the friends, ordering a cup of hot choco in cold winter nights, bookshopping at Waterstones or even just sitting at the corner of a coffe shop and watching people walk-by. Those little things. Most of the days I feel like missing it so much it physically hurts. I often wonder why too, there are those people who went for a longer time, but not as pathetic as me. Is it because I was young back then? Or is it because I'm completely tired of my homecountry? Or what?

Again, it alwaaays feels like home once I step back onto London's ground. It feels so good when I look around and see red double deckers over here, red phone boxes over there and british accent everywhere around me. 

So, after such a long post, I want to say that it's simply because London has helped me becoming the way I am today. If you're looking at me now, those experiences which had completely shaped the girl infront of you. I'm not saying I've became the best person once I got back, no. But, the girl that is curious, fearless enough toward new things and experiences, spontaneous and got so many dreams to chase; she met herself when she lived on her own in London.
She didn't waste her time, you see. It was still the best time of her life and have you known that it's been only good things happened after she got back from London three years ago. 

London has been the best thing that ever happened to me so far and most probably it will never change. 

Flores: Komodo National Park

Setelah puas trekking, hiking, (endless of) picture-taking (dan tentu saja, falling to the ground three times) di Pulau Padar, kita lanjut ke Pulau Komodo. Sekitar satu jam dari Padar dan agak-agak ngerasa takut karena.... I'm totally not a fan of reptiles.

But, it was totally worth the experience.
Begitu sampai di Komodo Island, kita jalan masuk beberapa ratus meter dan menunggu untuk Briefing sama Ranger Komodo-nya. Di jelasin tentang peraturan-peraturan selama trekking di dalam hutan dan semacamnya. Kita juga disuruh milih mau ambil Short Trek, Medium Trek, Long Trek dan Adventure Trek.
Tadinya mau ambil Medium Trek, yang kata Rangernya lebih banyak kesempatan untuk ketemu Komodo, tapi setelah beberapa pertimbangan dan untuk ngemat waktu, akhirnya kita ambil yang short trek, dan ketemu... tiga Komodo.
The view from this hill was... extraordinary. Bagus. Banget. Gilak.

Fun Facts about Komodo:

1. Bulan Juli-Agustus itu adalah musim kawin buat mereka. Betina bakal lebih banyak ngumpet di dalam goa karena.... mungkin mereka jual mahal? Dan para pejantan akan menunggu di luar goa, like a real gentleman, dan apabila disana ada lebih dari satu jantan, tapi hanya ada satu betina; para pejantan would fight like a real gentleman to win her love. Ya, ini serius. Jadi, mereka bakal berantem gitu, ngerebutin si betina dan nanti yang kalah bakal tahu diri untuk mundur, sedangkan yang menang bakal langsung... mengawini si betina. 

Nah, jadi kalo yang datang ke Komodo pas bulan Juli-Agustus sebenarnya agak sedikit kurang beruntung karena komodo-komodo yang berjumlah 2900 ekor di pulau itu akan lebih banyak bersembunyi di dalam hutan.

2. Ini legendanya, Ranger kami yang cerita saat lagi berjalan di hutan: jadi jaman dulu itu ada seorang Ibu yang melahirkan dua anak kembar; yang satu manusia, tapi yang satu... komodo. Makanya, jari-jari Komodo itu kaya jari-jari manusia, kan? Dan mereka kalau lagi berantem sampe berdiri-berdiri gitu. 

3. Komodo betina itu bertelur banyak. Doi bakal mengerami telur-telurnya di dalam goa, tapi begitu menetas, mereka bisa aja langsung memakan bayi-bayi komodo itu. Makanya, biasanya bayi-bayi komodo begitu menetas langsung keluar dari goa dan naik ke atas pohon untuk berlindung. 

4. Komodo bisa lari. 20 km/jam. Selama di Komodo, percayakan hidup hanya kepada Tuhan dan Ranger, karena mereka punya tongkat berbentuk Y yang sakti itu. Jangan jauh-jauh dari Ranger ya! Komodo kayak takut gitu sama tongkat itu.
Tapi, gimana kalau si Komodo bebal dan kayaknya bakal memangsa apapun (dan siapapun) yang ada di dekatnya?
Naiklah ke atas pohon.
Ngga bisa manjat pohon?
Berlarilah. Berlari dengan zig-zag karena mereka akan bingung dan jadi susah mengejar.

5. Kalau lagi datang bulan, tentu saja kalo bisa jangan dekat-dekat Komodo ini. Mereka sensitif banget dengan bau darah.

6. Sekali makan rusa, kambing, babi, kerbau; mereka akan kenyang sampai satu-dua bulan.

Setelah seharian hujan di hari sebelumnya, lalu disuguhi dengan pemandangan langit biru cerah dengan laut biru indigo membentang di depan mata... rasanya bersyukur dan bahagia sekali.
Bersama Pak Ranger. 

Jadi, jalur trekkingnya terlihat kaya gini, tapi pas awal-awal sampai menuju Regata hill itu benar-benar kaya hutan. Aku nggak ambil foto, karena asik dengerin Pak Ranger cerita-cerita plus ngobrol dan bercanda sama para kakak.

Satu jam selesai trekking, kita foto-foto lalu kembali lagi ke kapal.

Adem, adem banget lihat yang kaya gini setiap hari. Baru bangun, lagi makan, abis mandi, abis tidur siang, mau mandi, setiap detik lihatnya pemandangan kaya gini. Bahagia.
The view on our way to Pink Beach was exceptional...... 
Dua kakak narsis yang hampir selalu minta foto.
"Ca, fotoin aku dong"
"Ca, coba candid aku"
"Ca aku ganteng kan"

Ya kak. Yaaa.

And the color of the water was very exceptional too. It was so freaking beautiful I almost cried.

Flores: Padar & Kanawa Island

How do I start this?

Anyway, I really feel like writing in Bahasa, so here we go.

Jadi, aku baru aja balik dari trip super-duper fun, super-duper seru, super-duper eye-opening, super-duper segalanya lah ya, yang pernah aku ambil sepanjang aku hidup. Dan, note that ini bukan solo trip. 

Semuanya berawal dari ajakan impulsif Dika waktu akhir Juni kemarin kita lagi kumpul-kumpul bareng Ramon. Dia bilang bulan Juli harus KKN di NTT, tapi sebelumnya mau liburan dulu putar-putar Komodo.
Like seriously. Dari tahun 2014 aku selalu penasaran sama Kepulauan Komodo ini. But, I just didn't have the chance.
Nggak ada teman-teman yang tertarik dan rasanya kalo nyobain solo trip di Indonesia....aku belum berani. Yasudahlah, ciut duluan nyalinya.
Eh, tiba-tiba dua tahun kemudian!!! Dika ngajakin!!! Nggak pake ragu, pokoknya harus jalan!!! Mumpung ada temen!!!! Sailing Komodo!!! Tunggu apalagi!!!

Sempat ragu sih... 
Ragu takutnya bakal nggak nyambung sama temen-temen barunya, karena ini Open Trip kan. Terus sampe harus minta Dika janji-janji biar nggak ninggalin aku sendirian hahaha tapi serius aku beneran takut kaya krik-krik, garing, sok asik gitu. Sempet kaya, "gausah deh, entar malah nyesel kalo pergi sama orang ga dikenal." 

But, I promised myself this year. I will say 'yes' more than 'no', I will say yes more to more opportunities. So, I did.

Dan, yah, nggak ada rasa nyesal-nyesalnya sedikitpun ikut trip Sailing Komodo ini. Aku bahagia, bahagia banget udah ikut trip ini. Bisa ngeliat alam negara ini, gila ya kok bisa seindah itu, kok bisa ya laut sebening itu, kok bisa ya pemandangan kaya gini ada di negara bobrok ini hahaha Allah Maha Adil, terus ditambah lagi teman-teman baru di grup sangat-sangat-sangat menyenangkan, sangat baik, sangat perhatian, sangat lucu, sangat unyu, sangat hebat dan aku nggak ngerti lagi, aku baru ketemu dan kenalan hari jumat siang, dan malamnya sebelum tidur, kita udah bisa curhat-curhatan soal cinta-cintaan di kamar hahaha emang ya pada pengemis cinta 

Anyway, karena ada beberapa teman yang nanyain soal Sailing Komodo ini, like how it works, why did you stay on a boat for days, why didn't you stay in a hotel, etc let me share everything about the trip here.

So, this trip - no, more like this adventure, began in Labuan Bajo...

 Le Pirate Bajo's deck / rooftop

Asik banget duduk-duduk disini, terus pas malam ada movie night gitu, rame banget sama bule bule kebanyakan, udah nunggu dua jam lebih tapi failed karena projectornya rusak saat kita disana hahah

view from the deck, langsung menghadap ke pelabuhan 

Untuk mulai Komodo Adventure ini, semuanya harus start di Labuan Bajo. Sekitar satu jam dari Bali, nggak ada pesawat langsung kalo mau ke Bajo dari Jakarta, pasti transit dulu di Bali. Pesawatnya pun cuma yang kecil-kecil gitu, kaya Wings (pesawat baling-baling!), Kalstar sama Nam Air.

Ohya jadi aku disini pake @travastaid ya, cek deh di instagram, sangat recommended sih kalo menurut aku. Karena apa? Karena tour guide kita, Bang Nawi yang super ini merangkap sebagai fotografer pro!!!! I can guarantee, semua foto kalian nanti bakal Intagram-worthy banget hahaha.
Jadi, tripnya itu 3D2N, mulai hari jumat pagi dan selesai hari minggu sore. Jadi aku terbang ke Bajo hari kamis, nginep di Le Pirates Bajo dulu.

Anyway, kenapa aku milih stay di Le Pirates?
Ya, karena aku pergi bareng si Hits Solo andika pratama hehe dan seperti yang bisa kita lihat di instagram, Le Pirate di Ceningan kan super lucu yah, ada hammocknya gitu, jadi yaudah deh kita book di Le Pirate Bajo, lucu juga kok, meskipun infinity pool yang di rooftop cuma bisa buat celup-celup kaki aja :")


Hari pertama, kita mulai Sailing ke Kanawa, sekitar satu jam dari Labuan Bajo. Agak sedih dan nggak beruntung sih karena di hari pertama kita cuma sempet explore di Kanawa sebentar, nggak sempat snorkling juga, tau-tau langsung hujan deras nggak berhenti sampai malamnya (bahkan sampai paginya). 
Sampai di Kanawa kita langsung foto-foto di bridge lucu ituu, masih awkward baru ketemu jadinya malu-malu haha terus kita langsung hiking dong, pake acara berdarah pula karena kepeleset. 

Nggak ngerti kenapa ya aku pake running shoes gitu tapi nggak kehitung berapa juta kali aku kepeleset selama tiga hari disana.........

Anyway, yak, baru sekitar satu jam di atas puncak menikmati hidup plus sesi foto dengan Bang Nawi buat instagram.... tau-tau gerimis dong. Yaudahlah kita turun buru-buru ke kapal, awan udah gelap abu-abu menyedihkan nggak ada harapan buat main ke Jelly fish point.

Dan masuk ke kapal langsung hujan super lebat........ masukin barang ke kamar, nentuin siapa dan siapa di kamar yang mana, dan akhirnya aku, Dika, Kak Vi dan Kak E di kamar pertama dan empat lainnya di kamar kedua. 
Karena perjalanan ke Padar agak jauh, akhirnya semua tidur, dan begitu sampe Padar pun masih hujan lebat dan menyedihkan..... akhirnya kita makan malam bareng terus langsung bobo.

Enggak deng.
Sesi curhat dong di kamarku sampe jam 11 malam. Instant connection!


Duh, highlight banget sih ini.
Pagi bangun langsung rebutan kamar mandi, karena harus kece lah buat foto instagram, harus pake baju OOTD juga, terus kita trekking sekitar... berapa menit gitu, lama sih, 30 menit ada kayaknya, sebenernya rute Padar itu paling mudah sih, kaya nggak terlalu terjal gitu dan nggak terlalu bebatuan. Tapi.......sepatuku super licin.

Agak lama sampe ketemu spot foto oke ini, terus yaudah deh kita photosession di puncak Padar sekitar satu jam setengah!!! Hahaha sampe ada kelompok lain yang nunggu mau foto menyerah dan turun lagi foto di spot lebih kebawah.

Sumpah ya!!! Ini!!! Indah!!!!!! Banget!!!!!
Nggak ngerti lagi. Kayak nanjak-nanjak-nanjak, pas nengok ke belakang langsung di suguhin pemandangan kaya gini.

Dan ini di puncaknya!!!!! Suka banget fotonya ini, kesannya kami bahagia sekali, tapi emang bahagia, capek capek tapi bahagia. And, as usual, I think it can be seen from the picture, like anywhere in the world I am, everyone will treat me as a little sister lol. Anyway, kita baru ketemu hari kemarinnya, lho, such an instant connection, ya :")

My favorite picture of all!

Mau sok-sok foto yoga di atas batu, difotoin Dika, dan Bang Nawi fotoin kita diam-diam, sukaaaaa! Terus abis aku sok sok foto gini, nggak lama aku oleng dan hampir kepeleset...

Yang akhirnya..... aku dipanggil 'Miss Fragile' sama semuanya karena sejuta kali kepeleset. 
"Dit, you stay with her ya!"
"I know. She can just slip off in a blink of eye."
"She's fragile."
"She is."

Sepatuku yang fragile.

Anyway, emang sebagus itu lho Padar. Gimana jelasinnya sih, emang super super super breathtakingly beautiful. Sejauh mata memandang rasanya mata ini dimanjain liat alam kaya gitu. Jagged mountains, crystal clear waters, indigo oceans.... 
Ini pertama kalinya sih aku adventure ke alam bebas. Dan seriously, aku ketagihan.
Ternyata negara ini bukan cuma Bali, it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than that.

Dan kapal yang ditengah itu kapal kita! Bobo, makan, mandi, menunaikan panggilan alam, semuanya di dalam kapal itu! Jadi buat makan, ada pak koki yang hebat selalu bikinin kami makanan-makanan empat sehat lima sempurna setiap harinya. Pagi siap susu, roti, buah, bahkan hari terakhir kita dibikinin nasi goreng; siang kita lengkap lauk, sayur, buah terus yang paling dewa jelas makan malam... karena apa..... karena ada mie goreng!!!! Hahaha makanan surga.

7 Lessons I've Learnt as a Hijabi Traveler

I've been to a few places since I was 13 years old. Sometimes with my family, but most of the times on my own. And for all the journeys I've ventured during the last eight years, I've been always wearing my hijab.

This is one of the hardest things I always want to share here, because I realise the fear every muslim girls with hijab has to face when abroad. With the word Islamophobia is getting more and more fame every year, I cant deny how scared I was when I had to go to Paris last year and it was just a week after Charlie Hebdo shooting happened. 

But, we all muslim women with hijab are just like every traveler in the world. We have the same right to explore all the existing places on this earth and there's no stopping for us. 

That's why I keep going places, that's why I will never think my hijab could stop me from learning about this strange planet called Earth. And within this post, I just simply want to share a few things  I learned about people and my hijab during all my journeys.

1. I most probably have had the wrong idea, but the world is filled with so, so many beautiful souls.
As I keep thinking how much rude stares and comments I will get in public places along the journey, how I keep playing scenarios in my head how people wouldn't talked to me because of the thing on my head; I was totally wrong. On Christmas Eve 2008 in Arroyo Grande, California where I spent it in a church because my host-dad is a senior pastor there; I was beyond surprised how everyone welcomed me with warm hugs which could melt me away and asking me with literally full of curiosity because "I am the Girl who Comes from Indonesia", not "I am the Muslim Girl who wear Hijab and Went to Church Celebrating Christmas Completed with Hijab On".

I still remember that time I just got out from the church library to meet up with my host-parents and a few people came into my direction with all smiles on their faces, "Are you Nerissa? Welcome to California!" or "Do you like America? It must be a little different from Indonesia, but please enjoy your first Christmas here!"

This is one thing I always try remember that everything in this world is already set up in pairs. Black and white. Up and down. Left and right. So are good and bad.

2. The way people treat me depends on the way I treat them.
I'm being totally honest here; I've never ever, ever experienced anybody being rude to me (when I approach them first). 

Travelling solo means there's nobody you can depend on besides yourself and that happened a lot to me when I was lost in the middle of foreign land where nobody speaks my language. I have no choice but to ask anybody around me. But the thing is, if I don't make my hijab is an issue, they wouldn't either. In Paris when I was looking for Shakespeare & Co, I asked a woman who didn't look so busy with smile and polite gesture and what did I have back? Friendly smile and lovely conversation! She even took me to the bookstore!

I mean, don't be afraid of something that is only happening inside your head. It's only in your head, the fear you're scared of. We just need start nicely and we might be surprised how strangers on the street could turn out to be one of your best friends.

3. The warm and familiarity feeling I got when encountering fellow Muslim travellers or locals.
This is my favourite things I always stumble into during my trip everywhere.
Being called out, "Salaam, sister!" in the middle of busy market in the city or getting a half-priced ice cream because the lovely lady was so happy finally meeting a muslim customer. 

Sometimes I'm still thinking about the first night I was in London and I had no idea which bus would take me home and I was stranded at the bus stop for around an hour and my phone died I couldn't call any emergency number and there I saw a man who I thought has been aware about me. I asked him directly and there, he just got into the same bus and helped me until I reached my front door. Later on he told me that he's also a muslim and it was nice knowing there's a girl with hijab in our neighbourhood.

4. Some of them only knew our religion from what they've seen on tv and they're just genuinely curious about it.
And that moment, it's only us Muslims can give them the answers. 

On the first day at school in London, my teacher asked me right away, without asking anything first: "Nerissa, I've been reading this article everywhere and I just can't get the logical reason behind it. Please tell us why Prophet Muhammad can not be animated?" and I'm 100% sure it was my hijab telling him that I am a muslim.

"Oh my God WHY???!!!" I screamed inside my head.

I felt so bad that day because I couldn't answer. Later at night I called my mom for an answer and the next day I came to the class proudly and told him right away. 

Or, when almost everyone I knew at school asking me, "so, Nerissa, why the other Indonesia girls who are also muslims aren't wearing hijab, but you are???" and you know, this is a simple question but if you can't answer it correctly and wisely, it could lead you to a misunderstanding circumstance. And here again, your task is only to be a good Muslim agent. Tell them why are you wearing that weird clothing on your head; tell them that you are doing this because it's so much more than the symbol of your religion and faith; that it's your identity; that's you're wearing it because you know you have the responsibility about it; that nobody can look down on you just because you're wearing it.

Tell them, they're just curious. And the internet and media couldn't help them at all.

5. As we're all in the same path, travellers are the most open-minded people I know. 
Travel. Get out from your comfort zone. Book a ticket, pack your bag and go somewhere. Traveling is probably the best answer to how someone could be so open-minded. 

Travellers see more things non-travellers can't see. Travellers see beyond their own bubbles. Travellers see how diverse the world out there. They know this world isn't only filled with one specific race and religion, because they see the world out there.

No matter how much you're scared getting out from your hostel room to the common room and meet another travellers because you're wearing hijab; you'll be surprised how it doesn't stop them for asking your stories.
Here I can always find myself become more and more tolerate for any kind of diversity everytime I go back from somewhere far.

6. Good things will just pop out everywhere.
Like, everywhere.
Want to hear some examples?
- In Singapore where I asked for a bowl of jjangmyeon, the chef himself came out from the kitchen and said, "No, Miss. You're wearing.. (gesturing my hijab) and this contain pork. You can't."
- I went to a local pub back in 2012 with my school mates, it was really my first pub experience and I didn't hate it. When all my friends ordering tequila, suddenly one of the bartender suddenly came to me asking wether I wanted to have a coke or a glass of sparkling water.
- New Year Eve 2013 where I spent happily in Westminister Bridge watching the massive fireworks in London Sky, there was this one guy coming and asking me in all of sudden, "Hey, are you okay? You look a little pale." when all I knew that I was just very sleepy and tired.

7. At last, the world isn't as scary as you think it is.
This point will sum up what I've written above. As I'm sure because all travellers believe that we are all in this together; there's nothing wrong with giving a hand for another as they know soon or later they will need someone's help too.
During all my journeys, I can't count how many act of kindness I've ever received from other beautiful souls out there. It surprised me how I could feel at home when I'm not even home. It surprised me how I could feel so welcomed when I'm not even where I grew up. 

Here I've learnt that nothing could stop me for being curious about the outside world. For being always thirsty for more adventures, for more stories, for meeting more and more beautiful souls. There's nothing at all. Espescially not my hijab.