Random People I met

I kinda met a lot of type of people during my trips and sometimes I don't want to take it for granted because most of the time these people left some kind of lesson into my life.

London, on the tube, Northern Line towards Euston Station
There was this guy, black haired with beard got on the tube a few stations after me, he was sitting at my 10. He came up with the backpack, wearing jacket and a book in the pocket. Right after he sat, he took away his jacket and started opening his book and I was curious about what he read because I deadly fancy guys who read and during my time in London I looooove to take a peek what people read on the tube, so yes, I tried to take a peek what he was reading but it was a bit difficult to me to see.

So, I went back to my playlist on my phone. But, hell, he was too goodlooking. In my case. Ehehe. So, you know, this girl couldn't contain herself and keep stealing glances for a few times... until (I think) he realized about it. He caught my glance (!!!) and I was super salting and didn't know how to react properly and you know, you're a girl and you know if somebody stared at you, don't you? Yes, he was staring at me for a few seconds because I think he thought 'what this girl about staring about me' and went back for his book.

It was two stations away until I reached Euston and I FINALLY SAW WHAT THE BOOK HE WAS READING.

It melted my heart.
The first thing I spotted from the cover was, it was written there, and somehow I caught it, "New Edition: Quran, Translations and Arabic Writings for Beginners".

Or something like that.


It was so beautiful it literally melted my heart.
I could see those Arabic writings he was trying to read or understand or anything but I really could see that. The woman sitting next to her was a few times took glances on his book, but I'm pretty sure it didn't matter to her. I swear to the moon and back I'd trade anything to sit next to him, greet him and ask "Are you learning Arabic?". Just to start a conversation.

It was so beautiful, you see? It really warmed my heart because that was the thing you couldn't see everyday on the tube. Or everywhere. It was sweet.

Then, so what have I learned?
I kinda can't get him out of my mind for a few days after (until now, I guess?) and I hope I could turn back the time and just talk to him right away. 
But, let me just make it straight why this man made such an impression for me. For example, you read a very very very good book and found somebody sitting next to you on the train reading the same book, you would feel sort of good connection toward them, right? Because you read the same book and it just felt right. Or when you listen to a very good song that hasn't been played on the radio and people hardly know the song and there's this one person listens to the song as well and you felt like you both are soulmates and you feel like talking to this person because how on earth she or he knows the song while everybody was listening to Blank Space by Taylor Swift???? Yes, you get what I mean.

That's what I mean. 
I'm a muslim and eventho London is a huge city with a good population of muslims, seeing this kind of man is rare. So, I felt sort of connection towards him and it felt so warm seeing him. You know, dark blond bearded man, with book and it was a book about Quran. What else you'll ask for?

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