London: First Time

I'm right now busy in the middle of exam weeks and writing and complaining how fat I am, then this morning I scrolled through my pictures and felt like I need to do some throwback post on this blog because why not. I will never move on from this city and I don't even think I could do that.

Favorite spot of mine.

 London's skyline from my apartment in Balham

You can say that this trip was my first solo trip ever. I flew to Paris all by myself (wandering around Dubai Airport alone too), strolled through every corner in Paris then took a eurostar from Gare du Nord to St. Pancras bymyself and for the first time ever too took a LONDON CAB, you know the black one, that could ripped your wallet off and knocked the door of my also very first AirBnB apartment.  (there were so many first time ever, I'm so glad)
And I really love AirBnB oh godness! It really gave you the idea of being a local even it was just for a week. My host was a middle-aged British woman who was really lovely and kind.

No proper breakfast at hotel because why not setting off to Old Spitafield Market and had an English scone there while absorbing the beauty of the market and sitting with the freezing weather?

That day in the afternoon I finally met up with my old London friend whom I spent my 18th birthday and new year with: Happy. Yes her name is Happy and we both were so happy for finally seeing each other again after two freaking years!!!
It was so annoying that she grew a lot taller than I do.

Aaaand we went straight for lunch in Nando's! Because why the hell not! I miss Nando's roasted chicken very much I cried.

Quoting Pete Wentz: "In all my London's dreams, it rains Nando's."

We went to St Paul after lunch just because I really needed to go to Millenium Bridge, idk why. It was so fun that we laughed and talked about so many random things together. As we walked across the bridge with so many photosesion, we decided to go to Tate Modern. It was my first time there and I liked it a lot.

I present you to my ol London pal, Happy.

Anyway, there was one funny moment when we walked back toward St Paul Station, we were laughing and talking and gossiping about the strangers around us in our mother language, then we didn't notice the guy who past by us with his bicycle. Then in all of sudden, he stopped by infront of us and greet us, like: "are you guys talking in Bahasa Indonesia?"
and we were like, "yes?" and he responded in Bahasa "aku seperti mendengar kalian berbicara dengan bahasa dan tidak bisa menahan untuk menyapa kalian" and we were so surprised hearing him talking in bahasa and we laughed so hard together. Then yeah, we chat for a while and he told me that he was living in Yogya for three years and he couldn't wait to go back there because he missed every single of Indonesia (ironic isnt it? while I'm dying to move out to England and he just wished he could go back to Indo). After a while, we waved goodbye and exchanged "have fun for the trip" and "thank you for stopping by" we finally left.
It was funny and I felt so glad, everytime I went for a trip there are always so many interesting strangers I met along the journey which made my trips even more unforgetable and precious, and I always count them all as a blessing.

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