The Witch in Paris

I found this magical building during my second walk to Notre-Dame and I wonder if a witch lives inside.
A middle-age-look-like witch, with white long hair and wearing beautiful lace dress. She's shy, a little bit moody, but she's really really nice and lovely. 
She would peek out from her window during days and found out that so many annoying tourists like me stealing pictures of her magical palace, but she could do nothing about it because she can not live with sunlight fall upon her. So, she let that happen as long as those people happy. 
Because she loves to see people smile. It makes her smile if she sees somebody else smiles.

After gazing down the people from her window, she usually just spend the day drinking a cup of hot tea and reading books of spells and myths. Oh, how she loves book!

Then later at night, she sneakily walk outside, get her broom with her and fly around Paris to give the city a little bit more magic, happiness and love.
The city should be more grateful to her, she's the reason why Paris has been called The City of Love.

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