Bonjour Paris!

I don't know how to begin this post, but, well... Here I am at one of the most beautiful, gorgeous and romantic city in the world! 

You know, what one the most important thing to note is that Paris is much much much more beautiful than you could possibly seen in the movies, tumblr, pinterest or any other sites you name it. Before I arrive here, I have known that Paris is a super-mega gorgeous city and I have expected that; but when I see the whole city with my own eyes, it's even more than I've ever expected. I was so in an awe and it finally came into my mind that this city is more beautiful than London (though I'm still and always be an angliophile at heart). I don't know how to explain it with some proper adjectives, but it's the building, the blocks, the surrounding, the languages and the weather that makes your heart shivers.

You see? The colour of the city was just as beautiful as that; vintage touch with pastel overlay. Wait, that's the filter. But, really, you have no idea. When I saw La Tour Eiffel in the first blink, I could hardy believe that I finally made it. Never I thought, even in my dream to have any chance coming here, plus living here for two weeks; but, again, I'm always so thankful for my parents who love sending me abroad.

The Eiffel Tower was such a beaut, she stands proud over there and never looks down. The most gorgeous man-made structure. I can't stop looking and taking pictures of her and all the pics turned out like these and it hits me that even an amateur like me could produce such a masterpiece.

 Then we headed to Notre-Dame and this one pretty cathedral was my favorite so far. I didn't get inside because there was already a long queue, so I thought I will come again no later than this week. I need to stop procastinating coming here and there since there'll be a huge regret at the end if I take any single moment for granted like I did when I was in London.

The third stop: Arc de Triomph.
So, I found it to be such a super-loooong walk from the Metro Station to that mega-grand fancy gate and walking along the Champ-Élysées reminded me of Oxford Street but in the bigger scale. I didn't expect it to be so grand it totally gave me such a goosebumps; because those typical Parisian buildings in blocks were something you cant stop looking at. I love London so so so much, but this city steals my heart at once (only for the surrounding, because a few part in the city and metro just smelled like pee! And London Tube wins over every underground in the entire world.) It's still my fourth day here, and I can't wait to find more beaut to treasure.

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