Universal Studio Osaka

So, Japan was our trip destination for this summer. Hell yeah, it's really summer. 
When I said summer, it's fvckin' summer

36 degree celcius was really uncool and we had that for two days. It wasn't really like hot and sunny like in Jakarta, but it was more like, humid. No clouds at all that made all of my skin turned into its darkest colour. 
I heard from all of my friends that it would be very sunny and hot, but I didn't expect it to be THAT hot. It was truly, horribly, hot. I don't recommend people who want to visit in Summer.

But, well, overall, this trip was awesome. Eventho the weather sucks, but it's okay.......


So, the first day we went to Universal Studio Japan.
But, as soon as our flight arrived at 9 in Kansai Airport and we went straight to USJ, it was already 10 am and the sun shone so bright and the theme park was already full with bunch of Japanese and my family and I ended up were not riding any rides at all.
And I didn't regret for any single second in my entire life.
So, we spent the five hours walking around the park with our umbrella and took a hundred pictures and bought souvenirs.

 Tebak aku pake topi apa?!?!?!?!?!? Hehehehe

So of course, I got myself a lot of Harry Potter merchandise. Well, you know, I'm a big fan of that series, so I was freaking out when I got inside the merchandise stores and my mom understands me very well.
But, too bad, I didn't make to try the holy Butterbeer again!!!! SO SAD.

I was thinking actually all the Universal Studios were the same at all. I mean, well, this is my third Universal Studio after the one in Hollywood and Singapore and I didn't feel anything different in particular. Then, still, my favorite was the one in Hollywood because it has actually the studio tour where we were touring around the studio on a top of open truck and we got to see a lot of different amazing place where some Hollywood movies took place, like Fast & Furious, Jurassic Park, so on.
And because this one I didn't get the chance to take any ride, and the weather, again, sucks, so... I didn't feel anything at all. Except for The Wizarding Of Harry Potter.

BUT, yes, we were happy and glad and so thankful that we all had the chance to visit this theme park.
Then, after this themepark, we went straight again to the Shinsaibaishi Shopping Centre for a lil bit of shopping spree and our dinner (which was my favorite from all dinner during the trip!).

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