Disneyland Tokyo

What can I do except throwing back some good ol' pictures? Hehehe
So, hi! Since I have lots lots lots of pictures from Japan trip two years ago (seriously, there are really A LOT) and I just looked back through them this morning and keep saying, "what when did I take this picture? why did I just find it?" then I thought why don't I just give them a go?

This was my third trip to Disneyland branches and please do note that I love love love love love Disneyland so freaking much. Tho I'm not really a fan of Disney characters (but I do love Tangled much more than I love Frozen), I love spending times in Disneyland. Like, compared to Universal Studio, Disneyland is absolutely the happiest place on earth.

I actually was hoping to also visit DisneySea, but we were running out of time, so i guess that's my homework to go back to Japan as soon as possible. But not in summer. Obviously. 

The galactic pizza I had after six hours running here and there!

I don't really remember how far Disneyland from the downtown Tokyo, but I think its around one or two hours away by bus. Different from three days beforehand when we always had blazing hot summer, seriously, it was so so so so hot I was about to die there, but that day we were warned that typhoon was about to come.......
That's why we had such a gloomy, greyish sky....... Like, it was so far from pretty.............

 Can I have this little girl's raincoat, please?

 It was so hot and humid and, really, such an uncomfortable weather

 Imagine this colorful building taken with a warm winter blue sky background :(

 Mind my arms.............. I didn't bring any cardigan with me and since it was the last day I ran out of proper clothes....

These tiny alien mochis are seriously SO GOOD!!!!!!!

Overall, the trip to Disneyland was awesome. Just like I had before, but I recommend everyone who's originally from a hot, humid country like Indonesia, just visit Japan when its winter, or autumn or spring... just NOT in summer. You know what will actually happen when it's too hot outside? You'll get annoyed easily and get mad and then you'll argue with your travelmate and NAH it's not going to be fun.
(I argued a lot with my mom there because I really couldn't stand hot weather lol because I have sensitive skin toward sunlight tbh)

Anyway, so I personally liked Peterpan's Flight a lot there. I know its for the kids, but I still couldn't believe that I was able to see a glimpse of London during the flight!!!!!! You know, we were riding a flying ship, or something I'm not quite remember, and we were sailing thru and met so many characters from Peterpan and then in a few minutes later I saw Big Ben, River Thames, London Eye, Parliament at night from above (just like in Harry Potter 5 movie when they were flying to Grimmauld' Place after saving Harry!) and it was so so so so pretty!

And for the others attraction....... I can't remember at all which ride I took because I have such a bad memory.

Still hoping I will be lucky enough again to visit Japan during spring, I don't know when but probably in two or three years after I finish co-ass while saving up................ can't believe this year will be the last year before co-ass takes my young, wild and free life............................. *sobs*

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