Lost in Bali

Sooo, I was just cleaning my folders when I stumbled into this impulsive last year's Bali Trip pictures and I still remember that I have planned I will never post the pictures here because 1) I didn't have my camera back then, everything here taken with i5, 2) I didn't really enjoy the trip, but looking through all of them just now, I kinda miss it, and I was like why didn't I enjoy this trip? I was in Bali. The Island of Gods, they said. Almost everyone's dying to come here. 

But I think the pictures turned out pretty, so why not giving them a go?

Let me introduce my favorites ~

i look so tiny here...

I still remember I was too excited when taking this picture, screaming here and there like, "omg this look like we're in europe, right, look look here" and one of my friends was like "yes, yes, we're in europe, yes, but be calm please"

 "God's painting"
 I was asking everyone in our group to put Ubud in our schedule, because I was dying to see this rice terrace. Assuring everyone that nobody will regret to ever coming there because the rice terrace must be so beautiful but a second after we arrived there, I was the one who was hurtly disappointed...... "there must be something wrong... usually it looks green... why is this... why..."

 Rock Bar

There are still a lot of places I haven't visited in this special island, and I know it is much much more than fancy cafes and beach clubs and I promise myself I'll explore more nature and find more beautiful gems in my next visit. Hopefully.

Postcard Series: Japan

I used to really fancy Japan; everything about Japan had always fascinated me.
It all started from comics I read in my childhood years, and the food, and the culture; summer festival, fireworks festival, sakura, kimono, sushi, udon, the languages and so on.
I alwaaaays wanted to visit Japan so so so bad. I learned their language, went to so many Japanese festivals in town with friends, even I once tried to spare my monthly money for a saving. Yes, I was that weird.

But, then, before I could even step on that rising sun country, I breathed the dreamy British air.

And, well, you know what happened next.

Postcard Series: Osaka & Kyoto

All the pictures above taken in Osaka Castle and Fushimi-Inari Shrine, Kyoto.

Osaka: Shinsaibashi Shopping Street

So, the next stop after Universal Studio was Shinsaibaishi Shopping Centre. 
That afternoon was too sunny and hot eventho it was 4pm already! I'm not surprised at all why I got this dark right now and an absolute sunburnt all over my face and hand.

We walked from where the bus dropped us off to the Centre for about fifteen minutes and I started to realize how most of Japanese do not really care what other people are wearing.
For example, me, I'm wearing hijab and all covered clothes in that kind of hot weather, but they didn't even try to stare at me. It was like I was just one of them.
Such a huge difference when I was in America and most of everyone stared at me like I came from an outer space.

This was that Glico big banner. It was huge out of my expectation.

After taking lots of pictures in front of the Glico big banner, we walked past the shopping building and we found H&M and Monki.
Too bad because we were there with a bunch of family group with a strict schedule, we only had an hour and half, so I walked straight to Monki because I thought we got H&M in Indonesia.
AND  I am so in love with everything that Monki had!!!
They were just so edgy, simple and 'so-Topshop' with a more reasonable price! (I got a cool checkered top there!)

Then, we walked again and again and again, stopped at some stores and we finally found Disney Store. My niece and mine's favorite store in this entire world. I got a very cute Mike pencil too here!

After that, we walked back to the meeting point in front of the Glico big banner to gather with other families and finally we walked to a restaurant for our first dinner.

To be honest, this was actually my very first time ever eating in this kind of restaurant with that kind of food, and I WAS SO IN LOVE. Those meats, udon, tofu, fried potato were sooo good. And we were like, could eat everything we want, with an endless dessert: Haagen-Dazs icecream, and its variety flavors.
But, since we were in Japan, everything with Greentea will do!