London: Hyde Park

I'm terribly sorry that I really can't get over with London... It's been six months since I'm home and I always always always miss this city and I always wanna go back and I always wanna meet everyone. Daniel, Yusuke, Islam, Kim, Angelica, Dilara, Yvette, every single one...

Anyway, first of all, the exams are all over. Thank God. It's really the time to take some fresh air and leave everything behind. I'm not taking another exams anymore, you know, like another national univs outside Jakarta, because Dad didn't allow me to. The thing is I won't be going outside the city for my college. So, if the worst happens, at least I know I'll still be going to the campus this august. I've learnt a lot, y'know, my bestfriend been always telling me like, no matter everywhere I study medical, at the end I'll still be a doctor, right? It depends on yourself how you create a productive-self like if you can always get A's in all your exams for six years then when at the end of your bachelor degree, you can get cumlaude, if you know what i mean. Again, at the end, you'll be a doctor too. I won't care if somebody tells it's still different for the job prospect in the future--yes, it IS different if you're going to work in this country. It's not when you're planning to work overseas. You know, to live in Australia is my second goal after 'to be a doctor' goal, ofcourse with my future family later... Well, this is all my opinion...and my goal.

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