London: New Year 2013

So, it's 2013 (D+7) already, buddy. Yeah I know, everyone does think the time is running really fast like an arrow. We have to be more grateful that God had given us the chance to live this far. Anyway, I'm proudly say I'm 18 years old right now. Hehehe, you know what, this is totally different with last year when I turned 17. I desperately didn't want to be 17 and stay at 16, I didn't know why but 17 seems super old... But, here, when everybody always treat me like a kid (although everyone does in Indonesia) and keep calling me with 'under eighteen', I was really happy when I turned 18.

I was in Waterloo Bridge on New Year Eve to watch London Fireworks, it was really fun, thousands of people came, eventhough I prefer the fireworks in Disneyland. But, when we did the countdown from 60 seconds, it was super duper fun...!!! 

I took the picture from google, because I was busy and amazed taking a video of the fireworks, but it was as awesome as it looked in the picture above! The fireworks only lasted from about 6 minutes, maybe, and we waited for 2 hours at Waterloo Bridge because we wanted to get the best place (and we did!). It always feels awesome, when the whole world celebrated your birthday. Hehehehe...

BUT to get home was a real madness. From Waterloo Bridge to Charing Cross actually needs 10 minutes walk, but after the fireworks, it totally needed 90 minutes. So crowded like I've ever imagined before... Drunk people were everywhere... And there was a moment, when we were stuck in the middle of the people ocean, a guy kept staring at me and suddenly asked me, "hey kid, are you okay?" and I was, "I am.." and he said, "you look so pale. Are you sure you're okay?"  and he kept giving me a way to go first. He was a nice stranger guy<3 p="p">

The day, I was waking up with my host-mother screaming from the first floor, 'hey birthday girl, wake up!' and Enzo, her three-years-old sang Happy Birthday to me. It was really cute.. Then I spent the rest of the day with Dilara & Yvette in Covent Garden. As you can see, they gave me a birthday treat!!! Once again, they gave me. I mean, in our culture, Indonesian culture, I don't know if it's a culture or not, but when we are the birthday person, so we are the one who treats people you want to treat, but Dilara & Yvette bought me everything. The cupcakes, the candles, the drinks, the candies, everything.... Eventhough it's only three of us, it was one of my sweetest birthday ever. 

P.S: It's 13 days left to go home! Not sure if I should be really happy or sad...

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