British Countrysides: 3 Days in Cotswold

This is quite a melancholy sunday afternoon because I've been seeing christmas-y and snow-y pictures on instagram and it really breaks my heart. I don't understand why can't I get over with London? It's desperately been a year and I keep missing that city and it's getting harder. So then, I went up to my facebook page and scrolled down london picture I found all the pictures Aunt Ellen had taken during my short visit to Bourton-on-the-Water.

Anyway, the pic below was taken from Aunt Ellen's dslr camera and I think it looked like it was taken from a disposable cam. Don't ya think so? 

Uncle Phil and Aunt Ellen
me being so fashion-y disaster for a pink sweater underneath a bright yellow cardi
The pic above was taken on my third day of visit which was my last day in Bourton which was also the first snow in 2013. It was on sunday, we decided to stroll down the town and had a breakfast at the nearest cafe. I can say it that the cafe was beyond cute, like any cafe you could ever find in any winter wonderland in any disney movies, i didn't take pic because the battery died, so unfair.

The typical british breakfast. It wasn't mine, it was Uncle Phillips's. I didn't take pic of mine, but fortunately Aunt Ellen did. Praise God

Oh well, that's me with my breakfast. I can't remember what was the name of the food, but i can remember it was yummy and.....warm. By the way, look, I was like a pig, i was sooo fat during my last days in the UK.

The day before, well this is a backward post though, we visitied Aunt Ellen's friend, who has been living in the UK for about 18 years, because her husband had a birthday dinner and that day was one of my memorable day in my life. I felt so lucky because I was able to experience a real british tradition. 
Yes, as you can see at the first picture, me sitting at the dinner table, was ready for some great foods. As i can remember, there were pudding, roasted chicken, bacon, sausages, fruits soup and oh it was heaven and they didn't treat me like i was stranger... I really felt like I was one of them too. I mean, like, i was their family too. 

Smell some great foods?
Yes, i didn't take off my jacket, it was cold, it was freezing to death even you were already sitting infront of the fireplace. But really, I am so blessed for everything they, The Millmore Family, had given to me that day, specifically the love which made me feel so loved, eventho they just knew me that day, and blessed, and also the food. I'm not kidding.

This is true. I can't wait to grow up, and wander. I've been finding out what my passion is, because I was jealous to my friends who had known theirs, like drawing, fashion-sketching or stuffs, and I've finally found out; wandering.
It's not traveling, not like that typical one or two-weeks visit to a new place. But really, it's wandering, meeting some new local people and get lost. By ourselves. Not guided, it's just yourself. I've said for hundreds time, I love to see things from another different perspective. 

I really wish Jason will have so much in common on wandering with me.

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