A Day in Oxford

So, here we go, people, nine days left to fly home. Do I sounds happy? I do. It's like happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I'll meet my family, my friends and my huge bedroom. I mean, my room here is only a quarter of my bed room (to anyone who knows my bedroom back home, will understand how tiny my bedroom is here), and we have to share with another girl. I really really miss my bedroom. Then, the sad part is, I love this city. Everything. The people, the park, even a little sunlight we can get here, the cold, everything.
The most important thing is because I met lots of good people in this city, who has becoming a part of my life. Friends, who I've never imagined before. Friends like Yvette, who always taking care of me, and Kim, who always says "don't listen to other's people opinion! Do it!" and people told me I've became 'Mini Kim' now. Dilara, who always listen to a very detail and specific thing, always neutral and loving. Not to forget mentioning Angelica, Yusuke, Kathrin, Mariana, Thiago, Jose, Janson, Mary, Akari, Patricia, Minako, Ali, Richard and the only one favorite teacher of mine Daniel Bunbury. Now, I've realized what made me feel I-want-to-go-home-real-soon is because I don't have them anymore here, which is really sad.

Anyway, yesterday I was really sick. Like 39 degree celcius fever, bad headache, flu and annoying cough. The school took me to the hospital yesterday, which was for me so unforgettable. The funny thing was this illness came from my roommate, she was really sick, she got really bad flu and sneezed every-minute, so she used our bin to throw her boogie (eww). But, because she's very slovenly, very very slovenly, to be honest I also want to get rid of having her as my roommate, then she didn't put away a bin of her boogie in the toilet, she just left that in our room. How-disgusting. Then yeah, you can guess, I got sick because of her boogie-virus. I'm sorry I'd sound so rude, but I'm so done with her. She had never cleaned the room, it's been always me. Oh my God. Thank God I'll spend four days in Chatelham Spa for this weekend, and I'm going home next week.

The first pictures above were taken when I was in Oxford last sunday. Oh my God, Oxford is such such a beautiful city. I love everything there. Especially, knowing that Oxford was the place where Harry Potter filmed some of the scenes... I also went to Christ Church (ofcourse!). I couldn't believe, just could not, I was there. I was in the great hall of hogwarts, hogwart's corridor, hogwarts' stairway...

I know, my face was just..no.

But Oxford is totally different from London.. No traffic and less people. And shopping centre isn't just everywhere like in London, which is for me it's good for myself. I do love shopping and here in London, shopping centre is everywhere. So, if I've chosen Oxford for my destination, that'd be good for myself and my wallet. Yeah, I should've chosen Oxford...

Very well, for my 2013's resolution, I don't ask for any specific. I want to be grateful more than ever. Oh of course, I want to be a medical student this year.

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