Journal: Life in London

Hola, everyone! I know that time flies just too extremely fast, it's just suddenly november! BOOM! I'm nearly 18, people......... Nerissa is not a kid anymore.... in 2 months. So happy to announce that I'm probably, like 89% gonna spend my special day with Kim and Yvett. I love them too much, three much, very much.... <3 p="p">

I don't know why but Kim is just like my older sister, Yvett is like my mom and Angelica is like my twins. And the guy behind us is... I don't know who is he, he's probably from a countryside who really wanna take a picture with us. No, he's our friend, Tiago.

Last week we had three new students in the class: Mariana, Kathrin and Ali. Then this week, we had five more............. i dont really remember their name... Akira, Patricia, Erika... and i forget. But, everyone is really nice. I'm being nice also with everyone, welcoming the new students with my wide smiles. Because, at my first week I had rough days... It was really difficult to get nice close friends in my general class. Everyone was like just playing with their friends and I just sat alone with my phone like a kid who doesnt have any friend... It was sad. Thats why I dont want the new students feel the same. But, then now, I have lots of nice friends.... OH THANK GOD, i am totally blessed. Alhamdulillah. ALHAMDULILLAH.

Yesterday in the class...
Daniel: Mary, tell us something about Patricia (the new student)
Mary: Patricia is from Mexico.. bla bla bla.. bla bla bla... she used to have red hair, but now she's having blue hair
*I was totally shocked, then was staring at Patricia's hair*
Me: oh... blue... *talked with a very impressed tone, because I was really impressed with her hair*
Then everyone was turning around to me and laughing. I was so embrassed, because I didnt expect them to laugh at me.
Mary: You're soooooo cuteeee, Nerissa......
Tiago: Nerissa is truly our baby...
Daniel: Nerissa is totally impressed by Patricia's hair, she had blue eyes last week... (he meant contact lens)
I was like... so shy. Then i heard Kim was telling the other new student, "she's always like that, so cute, right? Thats why we love Nerissa very much.."
And that was one of the best thing I've ever heard here. To know that you're surrounded by amazing friends, eventhough that you're all from different countries, cultures, language, backgrounds, religions and beliefs. But, you know that you're loved.

No, it wasn't new year fireworks, but we went to the Guy Fawkes bonfire night last monday night at Canada Water and it was really cool! For real. The fireworks was like about 20 minutes started from 7pm. 

"Are we in Disneyland right now?"
"Yes we are, Nerissa..."

My old picture, taken at the first week in Westminister. Yes, first week. And this is my 8th week.. 

2. Had lunch in Nando's. Sooooooooooo good.
3. One of my present for my niece, Zetta. I bought both the bag and the notebook from Accesorize, the most cutest shop ever. And the notebook is mineee. Totally cute.
4. That was the day when we had one degree celcius in London. i was like freezing and couldnt feel my hand and cheeks.

2. Cute notebooks from Liberty.
3. Hot chocolate in the middle of freezing night at Angel.
4. Lovely room in Kensington Palace.....

I didn't really go to tourist spots these days... Don't know why, thats why I dont have real tourist pictures on the blog because I always put my camera in my suitcase.  

Anyway, I feel really good now because my friends are really supporting me about the-russian-guy. I love my girlfriend totally very much... :''')
"You know who just kept looking and watching you, Nerissa?"
"Your guy."

AND my favorite advice from Yvett, Mariana and Kim was, "you dont need to worry, Nerissa.. Just be yourself, because you're really cute and sweet just the way you really are. Just say hi, then start from asking how are you and the conversation will go just like a waterfall."