Journal: London

I can't believe this is already my 6th week here............. I miss my family, like A LOT.
And last night I had a very bad fever, i mean, very bad. It was only 12c outside, but i felt really cold, and i even wore a sweater and my warm slipper for a sleep! I tried to sleep at 8.30, i really had a looot of dreams, then i woke up, i though it was already 5am, but it was only 11.20pm! I felt extremely dizzy. Nightmareee, then i finally cried quietly. LOL poor myself. But now i feel a lot better! Alhamdulillah :')

Anyway, this week was really a blast! Another two girls came to our class, they're from Sweden and they're soooo lovely! I loveee them!

Please don't mind my face, yes, it's because I AM so happy. The picture was taken by Jose on our way to Hatfields. We walked there very happy... There were also Tiago, Janson and Alex with us! I dont know why but i really love my classmates now, i mean, not all of them ofcourse, but it feels soo happy to play and hang out with Jose, Angelica, Kim, Yvett, Tiago, Janson and Richard.

I know, eventhough Jose sometimes is being mean to me, like he really does like to tease me. And he said, "Nerissa.. I don't know why I really feel so good if I tease you..." and i was like, "I heard it for million times, Jose.. Its an old story." But, he does care about me. Like, after we finished our lecture class in Hatfields, we walked to Waterloo Station together, Jose, Angelica, Richard and me. I said to them that i have to top up my phone, so they can go first to Waterloo, but Jose said, "No, I'm coming with you."
"Huh? But its raining..."
"Dont worry, I'm coming with you.."

Not only him, but also all my guy friends are really nice. They really know how to treat girls really well, they understand what is 'ladies first' truly mean. I was raised for three years with my classmates in my highschool, and realized that they're really childish. I mean, kita cewek yang ngalah dari cowok-cowok kelas. No, i'm not comparing my fanta boys with these guys, but they're truly different.

After that, we planned to eat Fish&Chips but we ended up eating McDonalds instead. We didnt talk a lot, but I like the fact that I really found what will make me hard of saying goodbye later in December/January to London.
When I didn't come to class on Wednesday, they even told me like, "Nerissa... where have you been yesterdaaay? We miss you.." and "Are you okay? Why didnt you come to school yesterday?"
I love them. For reaaaaal.

These pictures below are like what just happened in a week here in London:

1. I bought that love pattern trousers at Topshop in a very nice price! I bought two for my sister and I! Sisterhood<3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
2. The first polaroid picture we took together in the class! Jose now keep this photo in his wallet!
3. My niece who is growing prettier and smarter! I MISS HER A LOT.
4. My three-pounds lovely slippers!

1. I used to buy a cup of strawberries with nutella everyday. But, this strawberries was free for me, the cafetaria guy just gave me instantly! He even blinked his eyes to me! LOL
2. London eye taken from Embankment Pier!
3. My iPone4 Harrods case!
4. AUTUMN!!!!!!! I DO really see a lot of colorful trees here! LOVEEE<3 p="p">

A week ago I also went to Windsor with Kak Us & Rizky and it was really fun!

Super pretty right??? i know... :""""")

I'm sorry, a lot of pictures....

Alhamdulillah! Thank You Allah for everything. For giving me the best parents ever, to give me the opportunity to have new friends, new families and new experiences which I will never ever forget for the rest of my life. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah..

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