Cambridge + North London

It's been more than a week.. I wasn't busy, but I did a lot of travels here. Like, everyday. Eventhough there are still a lot of week i'm going to stay here, but for staying all day in my room is like a big no-no for me..... because i have no roommate now :'(

A glimpse of pictures I took in Cambridge a week ago, i went there not because i want, its because I dont want to feel lonely in the house after someone left me two days before... But, Cambridge was really good so far! It was very clean, not as crowded as Oxford Street, no traffic jam like in Picadilly or Central parts in London.. I really felt like, 'ah.. this is the feeling of autumn

As everyone knows, living in England is TOTALLY not easy. Good foods are expensive. A few days ago, I ate only side dish, chips, hot chocolate and it costed 14GBP. I want to cryyyy, I could buy a new sweater at H&M with 14GBP... So, when I went to Cambridge, we could only ate chips and apple juice because we got tricked with the prices list in front of the restaurant... Yes, they are all like 5-6GBP, but they're only the side dishes!!! The main dishes are like 13,14 and so on...

Started from last week, I had a lot of new classmates in my general class. Lots of guys. I dunno what happened to me, but i'm pretty sure that I prefer to play with guys... Maybe because i dont really like to put make up on my face, i only like to put eyeliner & blush on. No, no, i think its not like that. But, i've been close with my new classmate, his name is Janson.
Ya! I know, somehow a bit similar to Jason.. But he's really kind. On the second day we became a classmate, after school he greeted me like, "Nerissa, saya nama Janson..." and i was like... "huh?" then he replied that words for more than three times til I got it right... "Ahhh! I see! Nooo... its Nama Saya Janson.." and the conversation just kept on growing like that. Since that day, we always sit next to each other in the classes. Ofcourse with Jose in my another side. Then, I'm sure in a few times soon Daniel our teacher will call us 'The Three Muskeeters'. 

Janson and Jose speak spanish.. Because i often sit in the middle of them, my face always become like -_- when they start to speak in their language. Then i decided to speak spanish a bit too, but my pronounciation got wrong, i said "paicha" instead of "paisha" or "paisa" then it just became a silly word to laughed at me everyday. Like when we met at the courtyard.. "hi paichaaa.."

I also have Carlotta in the class too! She's another Italian friend who is veryyyyy kind since the beginning of my course started. I love herrr. Also, a new friend from South America again, who speak spanish again, she's 18 and we really easily get close together. I think now i already found the thing that will make me say goodbye is hard to London.

Last sunday we went to Arsenal... I was soooo happy. Alhamdulillah :')

It was like something I can't believe I was finally there. I know, I like Barca better, but I'm also a fan of Arsenal.. And i was there. Dear Allah, I'm blessed. Alhamdulillah.. Thank You.

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