London: Day 1

So... here it is, since my dad asks me to blog my days in London (yep, i've just known that my dad reads blog also...)

After seventeen hours, or maybe fifteen hours flight, I finally stand under London's sky. Once i saw BigBen from my van window, i was like 'am i dreaming? i always see that on tv, magazines, internet.. and i finally see it on my own...' alhamdulillah...

The first thing i really want to write now is, i've got some very nice friends today from Turki, Qatar, Korea, Germany and yep, Japan. And that one Japanese friend is Nabila's friend when she was here 2 weeks ago. Okay, this is so funny. When i was sitting at the courtyard, Nabila chatted me on line and told me that i have to meet her friend, named Yusuke, but i said i don't know which one is Yusuke because there's a looot of japanese here..
And suddenly, Nabila sent me a picture, it was the courtyard and i was in it. I told her like, "OMG THAT'S MEEE, who took the picture?!!!" and she answered calmly, "Yusuke took this. He's not sure which one are you, she keeps asking me 'nabila where's nerissa' and 'which one nerissa'..." i laughed "he should come and say hi to me, i still dont know how Yusuke looks like.." but then i realized, i think, which one is Yusuke. Because i catched him was looking at me and then he wrote something on his galaxy note, and i'm sure he was talking with Nabila.
Then it's already 4pm and it's time to go home or free time, i was sitting at the activity room and that one japanese boy came to me with a veryyyy huge smile.......

"You're Nerissa?"
"I am. And you.. Nabila's friend, right?"
"Yes yes yes.."
And the conversation went naturally, so i can prove Nabila's words that Yusuke is a very niceeee person. He even "see you later" me again when i walked out from school, and he was playing pingpong with his friends.

Hmm i could say that London is great, very great.. but i miss my homecountry so much. I miss my mom, dad, sister, brother and my niece... I miss how i can speak easily when i do not need to think how to say that one word.. or this one word... I always end up of feel so homesick when i am alone. Like now, i'm now having dinner alone in my room. My roommate Zunisca will be home late she said. I wish i could have Charlotte and Joe Bubar back to be my hostparents.... They're the best hostparents ever, i mean, like ever, forever.

Buuuut, i know, i have to discover moreeee! I'm planning to go to Oxford street tomorrow at 9am before my class which starts at 2pm. Hehehe, free time.

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