London Recently

There are a LOT of things just happened in a week. Yes, this is my second week in London and ya... Alhamdulillah, I feel so much better, my homesickness is okay. But, I do still miss my family so much....

SO, I (with friends) already went to Buckingham Palace (not entering the palace, because it's closed already), Picadilly Circus, British Museum and Natural History Museum this week. Not that fun... Because, I went to the museum... Birnur my Turkish friend was so excited and I was like... always texting and only taking pictures. When she asked me like "why are you always texting...? this is such an amazing place!" and i was "yeah, my mom will get mad if i'm late to reply her." No, its not my mom. It's Yusuke. Sorry Bi, love you.

hehehe... do they remind you of something?

"Can I touch this?" (almost touching the statue)
"No! Dont touch!"
"Because it will change the value..." and I trusted her, so I didnt touch.
Soon I found out that there's a board written like, "Dont touch if you're able to see."

Before we left for Natural History Museum, we went to Buckingham Palace first and it was VERY COLD.... very windy, and stuff like that. I always freeze here, always.

Do i look fatter? I eat dinner a lot here. My mum Michelle is very good at cooking and i always eat CHICKEN every dinner, so I'm going to eat chicken everyday until I come back home.

And today! I had my first B23 class... Thank God i'm having the general class with Jose! I dont really like the new teacher, I think Andreas is the best. He's funny. I miss him. Luis, Paula and two other friends are also with me in B23.

And the last two days, I just spent my evening with the nicest person I've ever met in London, tadahhh! Yusuke. Again, him. I swear to the infinity and beyond, he's nice, very nice and caring. I love him, but I dont love him in that way. Because, he's a smoker and he loves to drink 15 glasses of alcohol everynight he goes to the pub. And he has 25% attandance at school, which is not very good. I always call him like, "you bad boy."
The first evening, which was on Sunday, he asked me to go for lunch together but too bad I was at Picadilly alone to top up my credits and i met my friends then we went to British Museum, but he was waiting for me for like three hours at Waterloo Station! He said he was okay.
After I arrived at Waterloo and ran over to the McD to meet him, we didn't know what to do, it was 5pm already and not at the right time for lunch. He asked me if I want to go to Haunted House and i said of course I didnt want to. Then we finally started to walk to London Aquarium, and that day was raining so hard and i didnt bring my umbrella. So, you know, he's as the man who the one who plays the role as a man.
I like our conversations. Our conversations just keep on growing and growing.
He asked me again, if I want to ride the London Eye and I said I dont have much money... and he surely said, "I pay for you."

But finally we didnt take London Eye and London Aquarium, but instead we went back to the Waterloo and we found out that our home is just close! We take the same train and get off at Catford Bridge Station also! So, we just finally ate dinner in Sapporo Restaurant.... and he paid my dinner. We do really talk a lot. And he waited me waiting for the bus while he was holding the umbrella and the temperature went down like crazyyyy.
The day after, we went together again to ride Cyclone and Starflyer near the London Eye.

It was really fun! Not the Cyclone, he found out I cried after riding that cyclone.
I paid myself for these, ofcourse, but only a half. He said he didnt need my money. He's bad boy. But, i pushed him to accept my money and finally he gave up in one condition that I only need to pay a half.

Today, he just accompanied me during my freetime in cafetaria, i sent him a text that I'm alone in cafetaria and he just said "i'll go there, just wait."
He even introduced me to so many friends.... Kento, Mie, Yuki and two another Japanese friends I forget the name. I don't know how to thank him. And I hate the fact that he'll be leaving on friday. End of story.

London: Day 1

So... here it is, since my dad asks me to blog my days in London (yep, i've just known that my dad reads blog also...)

After seventeen hours, or maybe fifteen hours flight, I finally stand under London's sky. Once i saw BigBen from my van window, i was like 'am i dreaming? i always see that on tv, magazines, internet.. and i finally see it on my own...' alhamdulillah...

The first thing i really want to write now is, i've got some very nice friends today from Turki, Qatar, Korea, Germany and yep, Japan. And that one Japanese friend is Nabila's friend when she was here 2 weeks ago. Okay, this is so funny. When i was sitting at the courtyard, Nabila chatted me on line and told me that i have to meet her friend, named Yusuke, but i said i don't know which one is Yusuke because there's a looot of japanese here..
And suddenly, Nabila sent me a picture, it was the courtyard and i was in it. I told her like, "OMG THAT'S MEEE, who took the picture?!!!" and she answered calmly, "Yusuke took this. He's not sure which one are you, she keeps asking me 'nabila where's nerissa' and 'which one nerissa'..." i laughed "he should come and say hi to me, i still dont know how Yusuke looks like.." but then i realized, i think, which one is Yusuke. Because i catched him was looking at me and then he wrote something on his galaxy note, and i'm sure he was talking with Nabila.
Then it's already 4pm and it's time to go home or free time, i was sitting at the activity room and that one japanese boy came to me with a veryyyy huge smile.......

"You're Nerissa?"
"I am. And you.. Nabila's friend, right?"
"Yes yes yes.."
And the conversation went naturally, so i can prove Nabila's words that Yusuke is a very niceeee person. He even "see you later" me again when i walked out from school, and he was playing pingpong with his friends.

Hmm i could say that London is great, very great.. but i miss my homecountry so much. I miss my mom, dad, sister, brother and my niece... I miss how i can speak easily when i do not need to think how to say that one word.. or this one word... I always end up of feel so homesick when i am alone. Like now, i'm now having dinner alone in my room. My roommate Zunisca will be home late she said. I wish i could have Charlotte and Joe Bubar back to be my hostparents.... They're the best hostparents ever, i mean, like ever, forever.

Buuuut, i know, i have to discover moreeee! I'm planning to go to Oxford street tomorrow at 9am before my class which starts at 2pm. Hehehe, free time.